Benefits of Group Exercise

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Benefits of Group Exercise


Group fitness is one of the most effective ways of kick-starting your exercise routine. Working out in a group environment allows you to not only take part in a motivating workout but immerse yourself into an environment which may at first seem daunting. If you are just starting your new fitness routine and are looking for fresh ideas to get moving group fitness could be the answer.

At NL Leisure, we believe there are endless reasons to get involved in Group Exercise, so here are our top six to get you started!

Effective and innovative routines

Exercise classes have the added benefit of involving new workouts which are updated regularly. Not only will this keep you motivated but will involve a full body workout that keeps your body guessing what’s coming next, changing your workout regularly can help you to avoid that plateau stage.

Proper instruction

Proper body position and technique will not only prevent any nasty injuries but can improve the results you achieve, a qualified group fitness instructor can introduce you to new moves and equipment and show you the most effective way to perform.


Being involved in a motivational class will help you push those boundaries that little bit further, working out in a group environment will create the enthusiasm for working out that you never thought you would have

Keeping on track

Scheduled Classes are perfect for people who like to stick to a routine, knowing what class you’re going to on which day and how much time you need dedicate to it helps make starting a new routine a lot easier, getting into an exercise routine is one of the most effective ways of sticking to your plan and more importantly achieving results

Full body training

Within most classes you will work a large variety of muscles, having a specific routine that has been set out will allow you to spend an adequate amount of time on each muscle group allowing you to feel the full impact through your whole body. Time is precious to us all so taking part in a 1 hour class that can work everything from your shoulders to your toes may be the solution.

Meet new people

The majority of us love to be around other people, this is one of the greatest advantages of group exercise classes. Many of us sign up to take part in these weekly classes and along the way make new friends who share this common interest , having that workout buddy will keep you on track and make your workouts much more enjoyable, after all nothing brings people closer quite like physical suffering.

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