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We want your visit to The Time Capsule to be a fun, safe and memorable experience. With this in mind please carefully read our Admission Policy to avoid any disappointment.

Children under the age of 8yrs must be accompanied by a responsible person (16 years and over).

Children under the age of 4yrs must be accompanied by a responsible person (1 child - 1 adult).

Children age between 4yrs & 7yrs must be accompanied by a responsible person (2 children - 1 adult).

Management reserve the right to refuse entry.

For the full admissions and guidelines policy click here

Video and Photography

No unauthorised photography, video, still camera, new style camera or image capturing device allowed on the premises without the approval of management.

We would encourage visitors who observe the above to report it to a member of staff as soon as possible.

For further information on any of the above please contact reception on 01236 449572.

Babies Swimming

You are able to take a child of six months swimming providing the conditions are right. However it is unwise to take them swimming much before this as they become chilled very easily.

The immunisation programme given to babies does not affect their opportunity to go swimming, diphtheria, polio, whooping cough and tetanus are not contracted in the chlorinated water environment of a well operated swimming pool.

However there is little to commend a baby to commence their swimming experience in a public pool before the age of six months. The reason for this recommendation is that the temperature of the water is unlikely to be to a baby’s comfort and the chemicals used to treat a pool are somewhat harsh for a baby’s delicate skin. Prior to six months many preliminary swimming activities can be taught to a baby in an ordinary bath at home.