Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a responsible person (aged 16yrs and over).

Children under the age of 5, regardless of skating ability must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Wednesday night drop in Hockey 18yrs+ only. This is a regulation set by SRIHA.


A limited number of Penguin skating aids available to help support and stabilise kids, these can be purchased at the reception.

Parents can wear protective spikes overshoes instead of wearing skates on the ice during this session.

Small skates available that can go over shoes.....Yip, we have it all!!


Ice Etiquette - Be nICE on the ICE...


  • Put your skates on in the Skate Hire area
  • Keep off the Ice when the re-surfacer is on the Ice
  • Walk around the rink
  • Stake anti-clockwise unless instructed otherwise
  • Obey the advice of the Skating Stewards
  • Ensure your skates correctly fit
  • Put litter in the bins provided
  • Wear gloves


  • Sit or climb on the barriers
  • Chip, throw or spray the Ice
  • Skate at excessive speed/No Speed Skating
  • Carry young babies or children whilst on the Ice
  • Cut across the middle whilst lessons are in progress
  • Run around the rink
  • Skate backwards without due care and attention to other skaters
  • Bring electronic devices on the Ice
  • Play tag games on the Ice
  • Skate in chains of three or more people
  • Wear scarves or long coats on the Ice
  • Stand still or gather in groups in the middle of the Ice
  • Smoke or drink on the Ice

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