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What is Swimtag?

Swimtag is a training aid and monitoring system that tracks your progress in the pool recording key data such as distance, speed, stroke used and even your calories burned.


Who is it for?

EVERYONE. Swimtag can be used by all swimmers of any age or ability.


Why use Swimtag?

Swimtag makes swimming fun and engaging with live events and challenges. You can swim swim the channel or around the world and compete against 1000’s of other swimmers to be crowned the winner. You can also swim as part of a team and view all of your stats on an interactive map. Pool operators can even create competitions and leader boards that can be viewed online or displayed poolside to give you that extra push towards your goals.


How does it work?

Simply swipe your membership card at the reception and pick up a wristband. It’s so easy to use that there is no training or instructions required, just jump in the pool and enjoy your swim. Once you are finished return the wristband to the docking station. 


What does it do?

Swimtag records your split times, stroke rate and the number of lengths you have completed in your session.  Your performance data and swim stats are then analysed and uploaded automatically to the system for you to view.

Swim tag is great for setting goals. You can set a distance and stroke type so that Swimtag can automatically notify you of any new personal bests. It also offers interactive and tailorable training plans whether your target is weight loss stamina or swim progression.


What happens to my data?

You can access your data through your smartphone on the Swimtag app, on a computer at,, or web enabled kiosk.

The system works alongside social media meaning that you can add add your swim mates from Facebook, post swims to your timeline and share your progress.