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Summer Fitness Challenge - Ellie

NHS Nurse Ellie recently took part in our summer fitness challenge after a really horrible 2020 as a way of switching off and helping with her mental health and was one of our very worthy runners up.

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We caught up with her after the programme to find out how it went. Read her story below.

Tell us a little bit about you, and why you decided to join the programme?

I decided to join the 8 week challenge after essentially a year long break from going to the gym due to the pandemic. I had binge eaten my way through 2020 with the results being weight gain, lack of fitness, and poor body-image. Having only recently joined NL in April and feeling lost and anxious about being in a brand-new gym, the 8 week challenge was a fantastic opportunity to be guided by a PT twice weekly, get my nutrition back on track and fall back in love with the gym. I had also been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis in my knee during lockdown last year and I was feeling unsure to how this would impact on the choice of exercises I could manage so the challenge was a perfect time to jump back into fitness!

What was your goal and did you reach it?

My goal was to get into a routine with the gym. Weight loss and toning has been positive side effect of that and not something I wanted to base my end goal on.

How has your 8 week journey impacted on your life for the better?

It has been a rotten 18 months for us all (and that is putting it politely!) and being a nurse, one of the ways I would have switched off was through exercise pre-covid. The 8 week challenge has significantly helped with improving my mental health and giving me something to focus on rather than the worries of my day at work. It has also encouraged me to be more mindful about my nutritional choices and the importance of being active for my sanity!!!

How do you plan on continuing your new healthy outlook?

I hope that now that I have built a routine with the gym that I can keep up with it and hold myself accountable for my own progress. Closing my rings on my apple watch has become a habit, and Tam has highlighted the importance of not only going to the gym and eating healthily but also for hitting your steps per day which all adds up to a healthy change!

Would you be interested in continuing PT or Nutrition?

Yes – my partner has been doing the nutrition with Jillian and what a difference! I would be keen to know more about this and also to continue with PT too.

All of us at NLC would like to say a huge well done to Ellie for her fantastic transformation and for all her hard work on the programme and a thank you for all of your hard work always as a nurse. 

You can find more information on our personal training and nutrition on our website. 

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