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Summer Challenge runner up - Claudia

Claudia recently took part in our summer fitness challenge and amazingly lost over a stone in weight and decreased her bodyfat by 8.2%.

Claudia was a very worthy runner up making massive progress during the programme losing weight but more importantly gaining confidence and knowledge along the way.

before and after photo of claudia

We caught up with her after the programme to find out how it went. Read her story below.

Tell us a little bit about you, and why you decided to join the programme?

After lockdown restrictions were lifted in April 2021, I went back to work. My business had been closed for 4 months which meant I was working long hours to make up for lost time, sleeping terribly and eating badly in the small breaks that I had. I felt rubbish and felt anxious thinking about getting back to the gym, which is something I would normally enjoy, but after all this time away it felt like a big step to take. I signed up for the programme as I thought it was a brilliant opportunity to have the support, I needed to get me back in the gym, allow me to gain some knowledge and understanding of how to achieve my goals and to get my confidence back again not only in a gym setting, but in day to day life.

What was your goal and did you reach it?

My goal was to create a routine, establish a good work/life balance and to feel more confident. Steven gave me everything I needed to do this. His support has been unbelievable. I have eaten well, moved more, and completed 3 gym sessions every week. I kept in regular contact with Steven throughout the programme which is something that really helped when I was lacking motivation.

How has your 8 week journey impacted on your life for the better?

It’s been amazing and I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it. I have never felt more motivated. I now go to the gym before or after work, which is something I would never have had the energy to do before. I go into the free weights area of the gym with confidence now which is something I have never done before as I didn’t feel I had enough knowledge to do so. Seeing my progress pictures and my weight going down has given me a massive confidence boost and has shown me how far I've come which has motivated me to keep going.

How do you plan on continuing your new healthy outlook?

With my new knowledge I will continue with my healthy lifestyle. I am enjoying the balance I have now found. I will continue to go to the gym every week, keep up my steps and will continue counting my calories daily.

Would you be interested in continuing PT or Nutrition?

I would yes. Steven has been amazing and a credit to NLC. As I have said I have never felt more motivated, and I feel like he just knows when to push me to get the best out of me. The summer challenge has been amazing and I'm so glad I took part. It allowed me to get me out of my rut and get me back into the real world. I look forward to continuing my fitness journey

All of us at NLC would like to say a huge well done to Claudia for her fantastic transformation and can’t wait to see her in the gym every week.

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