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Passport to Leisure Scheme

 North Lanarkshire Leisure offers discounts on memberships and pay as you go activities through our passport to leisure scheme.

To join the scheme you must qualify via one or more of the category’s below. It’s easy to apply, just show your valid proof of eligibility at your local venue, pay a small fee (£5.00) and enjoy your new discounted rates!

The over 65 passport to leisure is a permanent discount, all other passport to leisure types must be renewed on an annual basis. Renewal is also priced at £5.00.


Passport Categories

• Person over 65
Evidence: Valid ID: Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate, Pension Book *Residency Not Required
• Full Time Student
Evidence: Valid ID: Student ID Card, Letter of Acceptance, Letter from School *Residency Not Required

Or resident in North/South Lanarkshire and:

• Modern Apprentice/Skillseeker
Evidence: Valid ID: Letter from Workplace or registered Skillseeker office
Receiving Any of the Following:

• Jobseekers Allowance

• Universal Credit

• Income Support/Employment Support Allowance

• Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment

• Working Tax Credit

• Council Tax Benefits (Excluding Single Person Allowance)

• Widow’s Pension

• Carers Allowance/Lanarkshire Carers Centre Carers Registration Card

• Other State Pension e.g. War Pension.

Evidence: Valid ID: Letter of entitlement, Bank Statement, Current Giro


 Passport to Leisure – Conditions of Use

  1. A valid North Lanarkshire Leisure membership card/fob must be produced on each visit
  2. The passport to leisure is non transferrable and may only be used by the named individual.  A photograph will be taken on issue of the pass; this will be stored by North Lanarkshire Leisure for the purposes of identification only.
  3. The passport will be valid for one year from the date of issue and can be renewed annually no more than 30 days in advance of the expiry date (subject to eligibility).  It is the cardholder’s responsibility to renew the passport and a small renewal fee will be applicable.  Please note 65+ passports are permanent and do not require renewal.
  4. All fees and charges for the passport to leisure and associated activities will be determined by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd.  North Lanarkshire Leisure reserves the right to review and change these charges and conditions of use.
  5. North Lanarkshire Leisure reserves the right to exclude or suspend a passport to leisure in cases where the person has lodged a false application or failed to comply with the management rules of any North Lanarkshire Leisure establishment.
  6. Lost or damaged fobs should be reported immediately to reception at any North Lanarkshire Leisure venue.  A charge will be made for replacement fobs at the appropriate rate.
  7. Direct Debit Members Only – North Lanarkshire Leisure will give no less than 30 days advance notice of expiry during which time the customer must either renew the passport to leisure or contact the enquiries office to cancel a membership.   If no action is taken the customer will be deemed to have accepted the membership at a full price adult rate and direct debit rates will be amended accordingly.
  8. The student concession runs between 01/10 – 30/09 and must be renewed before the end of each academic year.