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You will receive all of this and much more for just £10 per month.


Select Join on the NL Leisure app (free to download from your app store provider)

If you’re new to NL Leisure simply follow the on screen steps to get started For existing users please follow the instructions below.

Existing Customers Only
Select your membership type and at personal details choose “Yes I have an e-mail address and password” and enter your details to continue.

Q. I don’t have a password how do I register?
A: If you haven’t registered yet or you’ve forgotten your password choose the forgotten password link and follow the steps. Once you have your password you can continue with the setup.

Q. I selected forgotten password but I haven’t received a reset e-mail
A: You should get an e-mail within 5 minutes. If you don’t receive one we might not have your e-mail address. You can e-mail us at with your name and address to get this updated.

Q. I wasn’t asked to enter bank details, is this set up okay?
A. As long as you receive your confirmation e-mail setup is complete. If you have a direct debit which is currently suspended you will NOT be prompted for bank details. Our system will automatically use the ones we already have for you.

Armed Forces & Veterans

NL Leisure supports all Veterans receiving a war pension and members of the Armed Forces. We have a number of reduced-rate membership options for both Veterans and Armed Forces personnel which ensure they have access to a range of health and fitness facilities across North Lanarkshire.;

Some of the options open to Veterans receiving a war pension and Armed Forces members are listed below:


- All those receiving a war pension can qualify for an active health membership. This gives them 8 weeks free with NL Leisure followed by 3 months at a reduced rate of only £10 per month.

- All those receiving a war pension are also eligible for our concession rate of £24 per month when the active health membership finished. This membership gives them full access to all NLL venues and facilities and represents a saving of up to £13 per month.

Armed Forces Personnel

Armed forces personnel receive the following 2 options:

- Armed Forces personnel qualify for the Corporate rate membership of £30 per month. This gives them full access to all NLL venues and facilities and saves them £5 per month.

- Armed Forces personnel can also access the NLL weekly pass (available to personnel on active duty) for just £8 per week. This is available for up to 8 weeks.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of our friendly membership team about any of the options above please call 01236 341969 or alternatively email

North Lanarkshire Council, Active & Creative Communities (Sport) Terms and Conditions

By signing this agreement you agree that you have read and accepted all terms and conditions, agree to pay the subscription charges that all particulars contained overleaf are correct and further agrees to abide by all the rules of all participating North Lanarkshire Council facilities. 


General Terms 

  1. A Fob will be issued to new members; this or a wristband must be produced at reception upon each visit.  Please inform reception of lost or stolen fobs, charges apply for replacement fobs.
  2. North Lanarkshire Council subscriptions are non-transferable and use other than that by authorised customer(s) may result in cancellation of subscription(s) without refund.
  3. A membership may be withdrawn at any time by North Lanarkshire Council, reasons will be provided.
  4. Unless stated on your agreement, membership is for all participating North Lanarkshire Council clubs not an individual club.  Temporary closures of individual clubs for maintenance or events will not result in refunds or early cancellation being permitted.  If you hold a single club membership type alternative clubs will be offered in these circumstances.
  5. You may be asked to provide entitlement to a concession or discount at any time and must provide proof at least annually.
  6. All members are required to have their photograph taken for security purposes.
  7. Culture and Leisure NL Ltd may change these terms and conditions at any time.  Updates will be published on our app and online at



  1. All Direct Debit transactions will be requested from the customer’s nominated bank account on the agreed date or shortly thereafter.  Payment dates are:

Membership Subscriptions:  5th day of each calendar month.  Lesson and Courses Subscriptions:  20th day of each calendar month.

  1. Subscription charges are non-refundable and non-transferrable and we reserve the right to review subscription charges on a bi-annual basis. You will be given no less than 10 working day’s notification of any forthcoming change in fees. You will have the right to terminate your agreement through the normal channels at any time during the notification period, failing which you will be deemed to have accepted the amendment to the charge.
  2. In the event of a failed Direct Debit payment North Lanarkshire Council will automatically reapply for any unpaid balance where possible.  If a second payment request fails appropriate administration charges will be applied to the account.
  3. Access to facilities can be restricted until membership fees are paid in full and unpaid fees may be referred to a collection agency unless the cancellation procedure has been followed.  Fees may be paid by telephone or at any of our clubs.


Cancellation and Amendment

  1. 30 days’ notice of cancellation must be provided.  Please contact our membership team on 01236 341969 or e-mail (gym membership) or (lessons) to cancel.  A confirmation number (tel.) or e-mail response will be provided, this should be retained as proof of cancellation.  Any monthly fee falling within the 30 day notice period will be collected in full and access to facilities will be granted during the period of notice.  Direct Debits should not be cancelled directly with the bank until all agreed fees have been paid.  Golf Memberships will only be honoured to the end of the current payment month if cancelled.  
  2. All agreements are subject to a 14 day cooling off period during which no advance notice of cancellation may be charged.
  3. To make changes to your membership type contact our office on 01236 341969.  30 days’ notice of any membership amendment must be provided and North Lanarkshire Council cannot guarantee that changes will be amended before this advance notice period has passed.


Communications and Privacy

  1. NL Leisure may use the contact details provided at any time for the purposes of contract execution such as but not limited to service changes, payment information and contract updates.
  2. North Lanarkshire Council will only use the data provided for the purposes of internal marketing where consent is given to by the member.  Consent for marketing may be withdrawn at any time via online bookings, marketing e-mail options or by contacting us on the undernoted details.  Our full privacy policy is available online at

Bookings and Activities

  1. Standard memberships provide access to Gyms, Fitness Classes (excluding specialist sessions) and Swimming Pools within participating facilities in accordance with the opening hours of each facility.  Use of health suites may be included for an additional one-off charge and will remain valid until the membership is cancelled.
  2. Gym - Children under the age of 11 are not permitted to use the Gym. Children between 11 and 15 years must be supervised by a responsible adult when using the Gyms after 6pm Mon-Fri. 
  3. Fitness Classes - Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the Fitness Classes. Children between 11 and 15 years must be supervised by a responsible adult when using the Fitness Classes after 6pm Mon-Fri.
  4. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 18 at all times when in the swimming pool. 

Note: Supervising adults must be over 18 years and have undertaken the appropriate induction where required.  Some equipment restrictions apply to under 16’s, please see guidelines in the gym.

  1. Lessons – Culture and Leisure NL reserves the right to amend lesson timetables subject to availability.  If a lesson is cancelled by Culture and Leisure NL replacement sessions will be available on request.



23. Booking Refunds – If a session is cancelled by us the customer will be entitled to a replacement session of equal value or will be offered a refund if no suitable alternative can be provided.  If a session is cancelled by the customer more than 24 hours before the session starts they will be entitled to replacement session of equal value and may offered a refund only if no suitable alternative can be provided.  No refund will be offered in the event of a late cancellation

24.  Membership Refunds - All memberships are subject to a 14 day cooling off period.  Cancellations during this period will be charged only the standard pay as you go rate for any sessions already used and will be entitled to a refund of the remaining amount.  Following this 14 day period all memberships will be subject to our normal 30 day advance notice period for cancellation. If an error in payment is made by North Lanarkshire Council the customer will be entitled to a full refund or compensation via free membership time according to the customer’s preference.

Please direct any enquiries to:  Tel. 01236 341969

Membership E-Mail.

Lessons & Courses E-Mail:

NL Leisure Price List

Access all price lists from the submenu on the left of this page.

Access NL Membership Packages Price List


  Monthly DD Annual
Adult DD £34.99 £374.00
Passport to Leisure DD (If you have a disability or are seeking employment) £24.00 £260.00
Over 65s £22.00 £240.00
Student/ Modern Apprentice £22.00 £240.00
Couple DD £63.00 £704.00
Child (Attached to Adult) DD £7.00 £70.00
Child (Individual) DD £17.00 £190.00
16-17 Years (Linked to Adult) £10.00 £110.00
16-17 Years (Individual) £20.00 £220.00
Club Member (11 - 17 Years) £12.00 N/A
Single Venue (Available at Ravenscraig, John Smith Pool, Iain Nicolson, Aquatec, Keir Hardie, Shotts & Kilsyth only) £21.99 N/A
NHS £28.99 £276.00
NLC £28.99 £265.00
Corporates - Other Organisations DD £29.99 £314.00
NHS Couple £57.99 £552.00
NLC Couple £57.99 £530.00
Corporates - Couple DD Monthly £59.99 £628.00
Adult 1 Month Over Counter £40.00 N/A
Passport to Leisure 1 Month Over Counter £26.00 N/A


Passport to Leisure Scheme

 North Lanarkshire Leisure offers discounts on memberships and pay as you go activities through our passport to leisure scheme.

To join the scheme you must qualify via one or more of the category’s below. It’s easy to apply, just show your valid proof of eligibility at your local venue, pay a small fee (£5.00) and enjoy your new discounted rates!

The over 65 passport to leisure is a permanent discount, all other passport to leisure types must be renewed on an annual basis. Renewal is also priced at £5.00.


Passport Categories

• Person over 65
Evidence: Valid ID: Passport, Driving License, Birth Certificate, Pension Book *Residency Not Required
• Full Time Student
Evidence: Valid ID: Student ID Card, Letter of Acceptance, Letter from School *Residency Not Required

Or resident in North/South Lanarkshire and:

• Modern Apprentice/Skillseeker
Evidence: Valid ID: Letter from Workplace or registered Skillseeker office
Receiving Any of the Following:

• Jobseekers Allowance

• Universal Credit

• Income Support/Employment Support Allowance

• Disability Living Allowance/Personal Independence Payment

• Working Tax Credit

• Council Tax Benefits (Excluding Single Person Allowance)

• Widow’s Pension

• Carers Allowance/Lanarkshire Carers Centre Carers Registration Card

• Other State Pension e.g. War Pension.

Evidence: Valid ID: Letter of entitlement, Bank Statement, Current Giro


 Passport to Leisure – Conditions of Use

  1. A valid North Lanarkshire Leisure membership card/fob must be produced on each visit
  2. The passport to leisure is non transferrable and may only be used by the named individual.  A photograph will be taken on issue of the pass; this will be stored by North Lanarkshire Leisure for the purposes of identification only.
  3. The passport will be valid for one year from the date of issue and can be renewed annually no more than 30 days in advance of the expiry date (subject to eligibility).  It is the cardholder’s responsibility to renew the passport and a small renewal fee will be applicable.  Please note 65+ passports are permanent and do not require renewal.
  4. All fees and charges for the passport to leisure and associated activities will be determined by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd.  North Lanarkshire Leisure reserves the right to review and change these charges and conditions of use.
  5. North Lanarkshire Leisure reserves the right to exclude or suspend a passport to leisure in cases where the person has lodged a false application or failed to comply with the management rules of any North Lanarkshire Leisure establishment.
  6. Lost or damaged fobs should be reported immediately to reception at any North Lanarkshire Leisure venue.  A charge will be made for replacement fobs at the appropriate rate.
  7. Direct Debit Members Only – North Lanarkshire Leisure will give no less than 30 days advance notice of expiry during which time the customer must either renew the passport to leisure or contact the enquiries office to cancel a membership.   If no action is taken the customer will be deemed to have accepted the membership at a full price adult rate and direct debit rates will be amended accordingly.
  8. The student concession runs between 01/10 – 30/09 and must be renewed before the end of each academic year.