North Lanarkshire Leisure Direct Debit and Contract – Terms & Conditions

By signing this agreement the customer agrees that he or she has read and accepted all terms and conditions, binds himself or herself to pay the subscription charges, that all particulars contained overleaf are correct and further agrees to abide by all the rules of all participating North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd facilities.

Terms Of Use

  1. A Keyfob/Card will be issued to new members; this must be produced at reception upon each visit. Please inform facility reception of lost or stolen fobs/cards as soon as possible. Charges apply for replacement cards.
  2. North Lanarkshire Leisure subscriptions are non-transferable and use other than that by authorised customer(s) may result in cancellation of subscription(s) without refund.
    Payment Method
  3. Credit / Debit Card (where points of sale have facility to accept card transactions)
  4. Cash or Cheque (when accompanied by a valid cheque guarantee card)
  5. Direct Debit (‘rolling monthly’ – payment will be requested from nominated account each month until termination of contract or annually as agreed)
    Payment Terms & Conditions
  6. North Lanarkshire Leisure subscription charges are non-refundable.
  7. North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd reserves the right to refuse any application for a subscription within reason.
  8. This signed agreement is a legally binding contract between the customer and North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd and represents a commitment to pay all charges within the specified terms of this agreement.
  9. All Direct Debit transactions will be requested from the customer’s nominated bank account on the agreed date or shortly thereafter. Payment dates are:

Membership Subscriptions:  5th day of each calendar month.  Lesson and Courses Subscriptions:  20th day of each calendar month.
Alterations to Charges

  1. North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd reserves the right to amend all subscription terms and conditions at any time.
  2. North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd reserves the right to review subscription charges on a bi-annual basis. Subscription charges may be increased as a result of this process.
  3. The customer will be given no less than 10 working day’s notification of any forthcoming subscription charge amendment. The customer will have the right to terminate their agreement without penalty at any time during the notification period, failing which the customer will be deemed to have accepted the amendment to the subscription charge.
  4. In the event of a failed Direct Debit payment North Lanarkshire Leisure may automatically reapply for any unpaid balance. In the event that a second payment request fails appropriate administration charges will be applied to the account.
  5. Unpaid fees can be paid at any North Lanarkshire Leisure venue or by contacting our Subscriptions office on the undernoted telephone number. Access to facilities can be restricted until fees are paid in full.
    Amendments & Cancellations
  6. Customers must contact the Subscriptions office to request cancellation of any subscription. Thirty days’ notice of cancellation is required and all outstanding fees must be paid immediately. The customer must request cancellation via telephone, e-mail or letter to the undernoted contact details. Please note that any monthly fee falling within the 30 day notice period will be collected in full and appropriate access to facilities will be granted during the period of notice. Please note that Golf Memberships will only be honoured to the end of the current payment month if cancelled. 
  7. Direct Debits should not be cancelled directly with the bank until all agreed fees as indicated above have been paid. In the event where a Direct Debit is cancelled before all fees have been collected from the nominated bank account the full balance of payments will be applied to the members account with North Lanarkshire Leisure and will be due in full immediately.
  8. Notice of cancellation is accepted at the date the termination is received by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd. Cancellations will not be valid until confirmation is received by the customer (North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd will usually respond to any request within 14 days).
  9. In accordance with customer contract regulations this agreement is subject to a 14 day cooling off period during which no advance notice of cancellation may be charged

Communications and Privacy

  1. 1. NL Leisure may use the contact details provided at any time for the purposes of contract execution such as but not limited to service changes, payment information and contract updates.
  2. 2. NL Leisure will only use the data provided for the purposes of internal marketing where consent is given to by the member. Consent for marketing may be withdrawn at any time via online bookings, marketing e-mail options or by contacting us on the undernoted details.
  3. 3. Our full privacy policy is available online at or by speaking to a member of our customer service team.

Please direct any enquiries to:
Subscriptions, North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, 1 Ardgoil Drive, Cumbernauld, G68 9NE                           Tel. 01236 341969
Membership E-Mail.                            Lessons & Courses E-Mail:

Memberships – Terms of Use

  1. All Access NL subscriptions provide access to the following areas and activities within participating facilities and in accordance with the opening hours of each facility:
  • Fitness Suites and Conditioning Gyms (providing customer has undertaken the appropriate induction).
  • Swimming Pools.
  • All timetabled Fitness Classes (with the exception of specialist sessions – please refer to class timetables for details)
  • Health Suites (one-off charges apply)
  1. Children under 8 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times when in the swimming pool.
  2. Children under the age of 12 are not permitted to use the Fitness Suites, Conditioning Gyms, and Fitness Classes. Children between 12 and 15 years must be supervised by a responsible adult when using the Fitness Suites, Conditioning Gyms, Health Suites and Fitness Classes after 6pm Mon-Fri. Note: Supervising adults must be over 18 years and have undertaken the appropriate induction where required.
  3. Access NL subscriptions can be withdrawn at any time by North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, reasons will be provided.
  4. Access NL subscription charges do not include the use / provision of lockers.

Lessons – Terms of Use

  1. North Lanarkshire Leisure reserves the right to amend lesson timetables subject to availability.
  2. If a lesson is cancelled by North Lanarkshire Leisure, replacement sessions will be made available on request.

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