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North Lanarkshire Tackling Financial Insecurity Fund

The Scottish Government has made funding available to local authorities to support people experiencing financial hardship over the winter period as a result of COVID-19, including contributing to fuel costs.

The amount payable is set at £100 per person

  • a single person receives £100  
  • a single parent with 2 children receives £300  
  • a couple with 3 children receives £500  

Target Groups: 

  • Children and young people; 
  • Disabled people; 
  • Lone parents; 
  • Older people; 
  • Minority ethnic households; 
  • People living in households with children; 
  • Larger families; 
  • Vulnerable men; 
  • Vulnerable women; 
  • People living in households on low incomes;  

People will be given a benefit check by the North Lanarkshire Council Financial Inclusion Team to ensure:

  • Income is being maximised
  • To support proof of eligibility

People will also be asked to give evidence of receiving or waiting to hear about:-

  • Income Support;
  • Income-based Job Seeker's Allowance;
  • Contribution-based Job Seekers Allowance;
  • Income-based Employment and Support Allowance;
  • Contribution-based Employment and Support Allowance;
  • Carer’s Allowance;
  • Disability Benefits (DLA, PIP and AA);
  • Housing Benefit;
  • Council Tax Reduction Scheme;
  • Savings Pension Credit, Guaranteed Pension Credit;


  • Have no recourse to public funds.


The fund will be distributed simply and quickly by the following community based distribution partners:

  • Glenboig Development Trust (Coatbridge Locality Host) & Distribution Partner for CACE (Cumbernauld & North Locality Host)


The Process and how to apply

Complete this Application Form and email to (please note: the top of the form ‘Referrers Details’ must remain as Glenboig Development Trust and not changed, as this is the address the Financial Inclusion Team will respond to for payments to be processed) 

The Financial Inclusion Team will not accept any forms not received from an approved community-based distribution partner. 

  1. Unapproved Partner organisations and self-referrals are not accepted. 
  2. Completed applications and evidence (which can be screenshots) should be emailed to It is requested that for each form, there is one email (eg not multiple forms on one email). 
  3. The form has room for 4 persons, for larger families they will need to complete a second form. 
  4. Only children who are eligible within parents claim to be included on the same form. Any additional adults within the household must claim individually. 
  5. Each completed form will be sent by Glenboig Development Trust to the Financial Inclusion Team at North Lanarkshire Council for a benefits check. The FIT will refuse multiple applications. 

For further queries & forms please contact

Send completed Applications to:

For more information please view the Financial insecurity fund flyer.