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Lauren has been working out with CJ since December both in the gym and online during lockdown and as you can see from her pictures she has made insane progress.

We caught up with Lauren to find out all about her journey. 

Why did you start your fitness journey?

I decided to start my journey as I was getting fed up feeling rubbish about myself. The first set of pictures below were taken in December, when I started my journey back to the gym and fitness, I was uncomfortable with my weight and how I looked which made me feel sluggish, anxious and I wanted to hide away!

Tell us about your journey so far. 

I’m a relatively boring person to be honest. I enjoy spending time with family and friends! I can be sarcastic and sassy (apologies to CJ as a PT for that!!) Once lockdown hit, I struggled to enjoy exercise at home and found myself doing nothing some days but then NL Leisure started their live classes and this motivated me to get up and just do 30 minutes of exercise a day. The second set of pictures were taken 7 weeks ago during lockdown. 

How has NL Leisure’s online services helped in your journey?

With the NL Online Membership, I’ve been able to do much more than 30 minutes each day and still have that motivation of a trainer in front of me, pushing me to do my best which has helped even more.  I then signed up for online personal training and With CJ’s help I’ve managed to find a routine for exercise which has helped me over the last 7 weeks achieve amazing results all from the comfort of my own home.  The last set of images were taken on the 23rd of June 2020. 

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How has your transformation affected your day to day life? 

The journey has massively helped in my day to day life, from small things like feeling comfortable in my jeans to helping with my sleeping pattern. My confidence has been boosted massively too. Today, I don’t shy away from the mirror, or dread putting a pair of jeans on. I feel more comfortable & confident in myself – something I haven’t felt in a long time! I’m healthier, happier and fitter than I ever have been too. Exercise has also affected my mental health, it has become an escape and a place to lose any negative energy! I am aware of good food choices and I am able to hold myself accountable for the occasional bar of chocolate without feeling guilty over it! 

Do you have any other comments?

I owe a lot of that to CJ and want to praise him for putting up with me (apparently I’m dramatic a lot and roll my eyes at him a lot)  but his support has been key in helping me get to where I am today. He encourages me everyday and without his help I would have given up when things got tough. He has helped in ways he probably doesn’t even know or realise just by being his usual bubbly self!

I would recommend CJ and the NL Live team to anyone wanting to start their fitness journey. 

If you would like more information on our online membership click HERE.

If you would like more information on our online personal training click HERE. 

We would like to thank Lauren for taking the time to talk to us about her journey, we are so proud of her transformation and can't wait to see her back in the gyms when we reopen continuing on her journey.