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We are delighted to announce that this month’s NL Legend is our very own golf pro John Kelly. NL Legend John had stopped playing golf all together when senior management convinced him to play again to develop his role. He then went on to enter and win the Back to Golf tournament and the Dundonald links team event. 

Read more about John below. 

What is your job at NL Leisure?

I am currently the golf revenue and partnership manager dealing with Palacerigg and Lochview.

What do you like most about your role with NL Leisure?

I most enjoy working with all our staff and the local golfing public. I am enjoying watching the growth that the golf department is going through and the changes that have been made in the last two years.

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy spending time with my kids and playing golf with friends.

Tell us a bit more about your time being professional?

I am a Class AA pga professional and have played for the last 20years  In the past I have been Head PGA professional, Golf director and golf course owner. During my years playing I have had many successes and have won at a national level.

Why did you decide to get back into golf? 

After playing competitively for many years I decided to stop in order to concentrate on the business side of golf. Recently I was approached by our senior management and encouraged to play again in order to help me grow in my role. 

Tell us about your comeback. 

I restarted playing again professionally and entered and won the Back to Golf Tour with a score of 64. I then joined up with Paul O'Hara who represents NL and entered the Dundonald links team event in Irvine and we won 1st prize with a score of 63.

What are your plans for the future? 

I plan on continuing to play professionally and I am playing in the PGA winter events through November and December. 

Everyone here at NL Leisure would like to congratulate John for his win and wish him all the best in future competitions. 


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