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The following is an update on the proposed closure of Ravenscraig RSF Athletics facilities.


Due to the difficult economic climate in which NL Leisure finds itself operating in, coupled with the reduction in management fee it receives from North Lanarkshire Council (NLC), it was necessary for NLL to asses all areas of the business at recent board meetings – this including the viability of the Athletics Hall at Ravenscraig RSF.

On January 25th, it was agreed that a public consultation should take place to assess the usage figures of the athletics facility and to liaise with partners to help determine future use.

NL Leisure have been unable to comment until this stage, as it was vital that we allowed the public consultation to conclude and that the Board of Directors  were made aware of its findings and could make the appropriate decisions at the Board meeting on the 7th March.

NLL commissioned an independent market research company to conduct this public consultation, and to provide recommendations for the future use of this area.

Upon conclusion of the public consultation, the following recommendations were made:



After consulting with all parties concerned;

  • It has been recommended by the independent research company that NLL should consider retaining the Athletics facilities at Ravenscraig RSF.
  • It is also recommended that NLL & partners form a working group to assist with the promotion and growth of Athletics in North Lanarkshire.

NL Leisure accepts the findings of the public consultation, and are committed to working with partners to ensure that the recommendations provided are implemented. Through working in partnership with ScottishAthletics, SportScotland and local athletics clubs, we are hopeful that usage of the facilities will increase.

Next Step

Following the recommendations provided following the public consultation, NLL will now do the following:

  • NL Leisure will seek to form a working group with partners who are involved with the usage of the Athletics at Ravenscraig RSF. This includes ScottishAthletics, SportScotland and all local clubs. The aim of this working group will be to promote the usage of the facility, and to promote athletics to wider local area.
  • NLL will retain the six lane running track and increase its length from 55m to 65m.
  • NLL will retain the existing technical facilities – these included the jump and throw areas.
  • NL Leisure will work with ScottishAthletics and local clubs to establish a new pricing structure. This would seek to bring Ravenscraig into line with other similar venues across the country. 
  • NL Leisure will also schedule its popular ‘Run Jump Throw’ Athletics programmes to take place before club bookings. This will allow for a seamless pathway for athletes to develop.
  • The successfulness of these recommendations will be continually measured and formally reviewed after one year of these recommendations being implemented. This will allow for NLL to assess the ongoing viability of the athletics area.

NL Leisure would like to reaffirm its ongoing commitment to providing Athletics provision throughout the local area.

NLL is extremely hopeful that with the formation of a working group, forging strong relationships with partners and increasing the promotion of the Athletics facilities available at Ravenscraig that usage will grow.

NL Leisure will now look to enter discussions with ScottishAthletics and local clubs about the formation of the working group and aims to implement the above recommendations in a timely manner.

Negotiations will be ongoing between all parties involved, and further updates will be issued in due course.


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