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Wishaw Bootcamp Extended 

TRIBE at Wishaw has been extended by 4-weeks, and here are all the details you need to know.

Sign up today for a new four week bootcamp block starting Monday 16th July!

Two sessions per week, Monday & Wednesday from 7pm - 8pm.


£15 for members staying on for the extra four weeks.

£20 for members new to the bootcamp.

£40 for non-members joining the four week block.

Body measurements will be taken on Wednesday 11th July.

Call the venue directly on 01698 640794 or speak to venue staff for more details.



New Broadwood Bootcamp - Starts on Tuesday 5th June with a nutrition seminar hosted by our fully qualified nutritionist. We'll also give you an overview of the 12-week bootcamp.

Days/Times: Tuesday 6-7pm and Saturday 9-10am starting 5th June.

Instructor: Chris Mellon. Meet Chris by clicking on his unique profile here.


New Airdrie Bootcamp- Starts on Monday 4th June with a nutrition seminar hosted by our fully qualified nutritionist. We'll also give you an overview of the 12-week bootcamp.

Days/Times: Monday and Wednesday 6-7pm starting the 4thJune.

Instructor: Kim Winters. Meet Kim by clicking on her unique profile here.


Bookings will open on Monday 28th May, contact the venue directly to book. Alternatively, you can also book into our Bootcamps at the venue of yor choice.


TRIBE is a brand new bootcamp that will help you achieve great results just in time for summer!
Meet your 2018 fitness goals and get healthy with this excellent 12-week transformation programme that includes both fitness and nutrition.

We have three different  options available that will help you achieve great results.

Option 1 - Nutrition Seminar (Week 1) + 12 week boot camp block cost: Members - £30.00. Non Members - £60.00

Option 2 - Recipe book / online macro tracking guide and food diary analysis + boot camp cost: Members - £65.00. Non Members - £95.00

Option 3 - Full nutrition package, 12 week coaching + boot camp cost: Members £110.00. Non Members £140.00 (guaranteed maximum results).

To book, please contact your venue of choice directly. 

TRIBE will be taking place at both Airdrie & Broadwood with two bootcamp sessions each week included in the price. 
We'll also provide you with regular email updates including tips, advice, and will run a dedicated Facebook group to help keep the community motivated!

TRIBE is designed to help you achieve great results through attending one bootcamp session per week - however you are welcome to attend both at your chosen venue.

What sets TRIBE apart from other bootcamps is that our fully qualified nutritionist will also be with you on your 12-week transformational journey, helping you to achieve great results! 

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