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Christine took part in our 8 week Summer Transformation and has witnessed fantastic results. Christine managed to lose weight and trim off body fat within the 8 weeks. Read below to read her story.


1) Tell us a little bit about you, and why you decided to join the programme?

My name is Christine Jenkins and I am 62 years old.  I have always struggled with my weight, gaining and losing up to 40lbs every few years since I was in my forties. I'd lose weight, feel great, promise myself I'd keep the weight off this time, then within a couple of years, I would be back where I started. A typical yoyo dieter.  I go to the gym most days and really enjoy working out at Broadwood where I regularly participate in the Gymfit classes. I joined the Advent Abs challenge last year and then had a course of PT sessions with CJ Mellon,  both of which helped me to get down to my target weight. I was delighted with the results so it was a no brainer to join up to the Spring Transformation programme. Having a PT really helps to keep you focused, gives you the confidence to try new things and really helps you to fulfil your goals. I never thought I'd be doing handstands, pullups and high box jumps. I can honestly say that my fitness level has not been so good in years, my energy levels are amazing and although I may feel tired after a hard PT session, I'm buzzing!


2) What was your goal and did you reach it?

Absolutely! Unlike lots of the programme participants, losing weight wasn't one of my goals.  I was really happy with my weight but I thought I looked a bit scrawny and needed to bulk up a bit. My health is pretty good although numerous arthritic joints and tennis elbow have restricted my ability to lift as heavy weights as I'd like. During the 8 week programme I had a 10 day holiday, two short breaks and numerous social occasions, all of which included fabulous food, and, of course, the odd bottle of wine or two.  And I must confess, I did succumb to temptation!  So I'm delighted that I have done as well as I have. Couldn't have done it without my PT, who offered so much encouragement to get back me back on track.


3) How has your 8 week journey impacted on your life for the better?

My PT, CJ Mellon, has given me the confidence to try new things, introduced me to a variety of different exercises, improved my technique and really motivated me during the programme. My fitness level has never been better! I would recommend a PT to everyone keen to make a positive difference to their level of fitness and wellbeing.


4) How do you plan on continuing your new healthy outlook?

By continuing to use the MyFitnessPal app, I hope to maintain my target weight and continue to make healthier food choices.  I am also looking forward to the new four-way split programme that CJ is preparing for me and will add more variety to my fitness regime by trying out some of the many different fitness classes available at Broadwood.


All of us at NL Leisure would like to say a huge well done to Christine on her fantastic transformation! Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for more great stories coming soon. 

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