Transformation Tuesday - Kelly-Anne Crockwell

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Kelly-Anne took part in our 8 week Summer Transformation challenge and has witnessed great results. Kelly-Anne dropped 4% body fat, losing weight and gaining her confidence back. Read below to find out more about her story. 

1) Tell us a bit about yourself?

I work two jobs and just finished a course held at university to try and help progress my career.

I joined this programme because I became very focused on my career and that was all I was focused on. I was working 70 hour weeks plus attending class and doing homework. I was not eating or sleeping well at all, I was grumpy & stressed and I was 3 stone heavier than I was last year. I lost a lot of confidence and I stopped going out as clothes didn’t fit, then I would eat a packet of biscuits because I was upset my clothes didn’t fit. I kept telling myself I would start the gym on Monday but I didn’t,  not due to my busy schedule, not due to my gym clothes being tight but due to my Disability. I have a disability in my left hand I received multiple Syndactyly surgery as a child to separate my fingers but I have no Tendons and my hand is about 1/3rd smaller than my right hand so this causes a real issue with grip. I couldn’t go to the gym because I kept telling myself I can’t hold the weights, can’t hold the grips or machines and the thought of embarrassing myself holding up a machine at busy peak time and having someone moaning at me or worse pitying me. I saw the NL Facebook page and saw the words "we support EVERYBODY" these 3 words really stuck. They were not there to judge or to laugh but to help.

I joined because I needed help not just to lose the weight, but to stop letting my disability I have lived with my whole life now become something I was ashamed of. I just needed the right guidance and the 8 week transformation was perfect way to get started. That Monday finally came, the day I made the decision to get up at 6am and spend 45 mins on the phone to get booked in.

2) What was your goal and did you reach it?

I didn’t want to be greedy but I had more than one goal.

  • I wanted to gain the confidence to walk in the gym on my own and not worry about my disability and what I can’t do and concentrate on what I can do.

  • I wanted to learn how to lift weights safely and properly, and learn alternative options for the exercises that I have problems doing due to my disability.

  • I wanted to make better choices when it comes to food so that I stopped reaching for the biscuits and fizzy juice. I hoped to lose a little weight along the way.

I feel I reached a few of these and made amazing progress towards the others. I am absolutely delighted with the nutrition, I thought I was going to have to starve myself and be really strict so when I received my calories I thought this can’t be right that’s higher than I was expecting. I emailed the nutritionist and she was great she explained it to me and I was more than happy knowing I was not on a very strict diet and the recipes attached were great especially the chilli pasta.

I would say I have reached my goal of learning to lift weights properly and learning alternatives. When I explained to the instructors about my disability they were great, not once did they assume that I couldn’t do anything. They would ask if there was any in particular I had issues with and give me an alternative. My PT sessions were fantastic, I wouldn’t be here writing this now if it wasn’t for my PT. All the sessions were hard work and were great learning from being shown how to perform the exercise, learning what muscle groups are being used and correcting me if my form was off. I had in my head that PT sessions were like old school Army Drill Sergeant's just shouting at you and I could not have been more wrong. I was encouraged to work harder and try new things, not once was I scared I would drop a weight and hurt myself. Thanks to the knowledge my PT passed on I walked into the gym on my own and done a full weight session. The machines were great as they showed you how to use them and what muscle groups it should be working.

I achieved my losing weight goal, however it is still a work in progress and now I am looking forward to getting to the gym to do that.

3) How has the 8 week journey impacted your life?

It has made me feel like me again. I am no longer in denial about my weight gain and eating habits (I was a secret eater) I feel fitter, I can take the stairs at work and not frantically grasp for air after the first flight. Most importantly for me it has brought my confidence up and I can happily say I am not scared, embarrassed or ashamed about my disability, I never should have been but it has taken the support of the staff at NL Leisure to show it’s not as big an issue as I was making out and to help point me in the right direction.

4) How do you plan on continuing your healthy outlook?

By taking everything I have learned on board, making the better choices and if I am stuck or unsure then ask the instructor. Generally by taking it one step at a time and improving on my confidence, my strength, my fitness and my nutrition.  I plan to get up out of bed that bit earlier in the morning to start my day off with a workout or a class, or go to the gym after work. To carry on and improve on my 8 week transformation. 

All of us at NL Leisure would like to say a huge well done to Kelly-Anne on her excellent transformation! Be sure to keep an eye out on our social media for more great stories coming soon. 

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Transformation Tuesday - Kelly-Anne Crockwell

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