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Huge congratulations to our joint winners, Kelly-Anne Crockwell & Mick McCourt. Both Kelly-Anne and Mick have done fantastically and are deserved winners with their great transformations over the 8 weeks!

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Well done to our winners, both of you are an inspiration! We have listed some info on our winners below;

Kelly-Anne Crockwell - 

I joined this programme because I became very focused on my career and that was all I was focused on, I was working 70 hour weeks plus attending class and doing homework. I was not eating or sleeping well at all I was grumpy & stressed. I was 3 stone heavier than I was last year. I lost a lot of confidence and I stopped going out as clothes didn’t fit, then I would eat a packet of biscuits because I was upset my clothes didn’t fit. I kept telling myself I would start the gym on Monday but I didn’t. This was not due to my busy schedule, not due to my gym clothes being tight but due to my Disability. I have a disability in my left hand I received multiple syndactyly surgery as a child to separate my fingers but I have no Tendons and my hand is about 1/3rd smaller than my right hand so this causes a real issue with grip.

I couldn’t go to the gym because I kept telling myself I can’t hold the weights or hold the grips or machines and the thought of embarrassing myself dropping something or holding up a machine at busy peak time and having someone moaning at me or worse pitying me. I watched the NL Facebook page and saw the words "We Support EveryBODY" these 3 words really stuck. They were not there to judge or to laugh but to help.

I joined because I needed help not just to lose the weight, but to stop letting my disability I have lived with my whole life now become something I was ashamed of. I just needed the right guidance and the 8 week transformation was perfect way to get started.

It has made me feel like me again. I am no longer in denial about my weight gain and eating habits. (I was a secret eater) I feel fitter, I can take the stairs at work and not frantically grasp for air after the first flight. Most importantly for me it has brought my confidence up and I can happily say I am not scared, or embarrassed or ashamed about my disability, I never should have been but it has taken the support of the staff at NL to show it’s not as big an issue as I was making out and to help point me in the right direction.

Kelly Anne dropped 7kg and lost 4% body fat following a relaxed diet plan and working closely with one of our Personal Trainer's, Chris Mellon.


Mick McCourt - 

I am a 30 year old male who lives in North Lanarkshire; I decided to join the programme as I have been struggling with my weight since I was a teenager. I have been getting healthier from 2017 with my diet but I decided I wanted to get back in to training as well and the 8 week programme offered me the perfect opportunity to do so with the extra support of a nutritionist and personal trainer. 

The journey has shown me that with structure, planning and consistency that I can be in control of my life in more areas than just my health. I am going to continue to eat the same as I have been, awaken at the same time, train and continue to apply the principles I have been using over the last 8 weeks to expand on my healthy outlook.

Michael lost just under of a stone in weight and trimmed off 6% body fat in an impressive 8 weeks! He worked closely with our in-house nutritionist and personal trainer, David Donald, over the 8 week period.




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