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Gail Tenant is our latest NLL Legend after her excellent success within the JogScotland programme. Gail's hard work, determination and drive has seen her lose weight, get fit and change her life for the better. Previously Gail struggled to run at all, but is now a Jog Leader within the programme and will soon be taking part in her first ever marathon!

Gail's story is a hugely inspiring one and we recently caught up with her, read her story below.



Gail's Story!

Getting into running:

My closest friend had got in to running to get fitter and healthier, I was so impressed with her achievements but I could not join in with her sporty activities because I weighed nearly 22 stone and I assumed I would never be able to run.  My friend explained to me that she started with a Couch to 5k app and that I could do it. 

In a moment of madness I downloaded the app and went out to a path behind my house so I wouldn’t be seen and tried to run for the first 60 seconds and just thought I can’t do this. I persevered with the app because of her belief in me but after a few weeks I gave up.


Keeping Motivated:

It took me to enter an event to keep myself motivated. I tried the running app again and this time pushed myself to keep going. My friend lives in Aviemore so although I was supported, I did my runs on my own but using the Strava app I could see my small improvements with every run which spurred me on.

I kept plodding along and entered my first 10k in October 15, the distance was more important to me than continuous running and my friend travelled down to run by my side, it took 1hr 38mins and the joy I felt at the finish was amazing. 


Changing my lifestyle & joining JogScotland:

My weight wasn’t really changing, after 6 months I had lost 15lbs so I joined a Slimming Club that allowed my eating to be tailored to my running. That was March 16 and since then I have lost over 10 stone, completed 13 Half Marathons including Barcelona which was one of the most amazing surreal experiences of my life!

There was something missing from my running and that was running with others. I had looked at the JogScotland website so many times, spoken to a current member and had been in contact through Facebook but I was so scared that I couldn’t keep up with the group I just kept putting it off. When I returned from Barcelona I thought that if I can do a Half Marathon abroad without any walking, I should be able to walk through the doors at JogScotland Airdrie!

In February this year I contacted them and named a day so I wouldn’t back out - it was the best move I ever made. They are a wonderful, inclusive, encouraging group and I really didn’t have anything to worry about. Since joining, I look forward to every run for the chat and laugh that we have and my running has improved because I push myself a bit harder at times even if it’s just to have a chat with the person at the front! 

Changing my life:

Running has completely changed my life and my families lives for the better. My family can see how happy and healthier I am and how I want to try different things now rather than just existing.  My family have made sacrifices to support me with running events and making sure I can get to JogScotland twice a week, it isn’t easy at times but they know that this is how I will keep my fit and healthy lifestyle. I am so proud of my daughters as they support me so much and my eldest daughter now runs with me, I am so lucky.

Being at JogScotland has helped my confidence so much that I have entered my first full marathon, Loch Ness in September. The Jog Leaders have been so supportive and encouraging with my training, I use their experience and listen to their advice.

Becoming a JogLeader:

I am so enthusiastic about running and JogScotland I wanted to give something back so I recently attended a Jog Leaders course as a way of achieving this. I want to be able to share my love for running and hopefully inspire people that anything is possible if you just keep going. Running is for all levels, totally inclusive and I wouldn’t want anyone to think that they couldn’t do it and that they couldn’t run with a group. It will be an honour to take a running group and see them improve week by week and hopefully keep going because they know I have felt the way they do at some point.


All of us here at NL Leisure would like to say a huge well done to Gail, her story is a truly inspiring one and we wish her all the best with her upcoming Marathon!

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