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Meet our latest NLL Legend – Anthony (Tony) Maschinsky! Anthony has been an NL Leisure member for many years, and trains at the Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex in Bellshill.

Tony has been battling cancer in recent years, but hasn’t let this get him down, or get in the way of his fitness regime.

It is for this reason that Tony has been nominated as an NL Leisure Legend, and we’re sure that you’ll all agree he’s hugely deserving of this accolade!

1. How long have you been training at the Sir Matt Busby gym for?

I’ve been attending the gym at Sir Matt Busby for around 15 years now. Previously to that I enjoyed going to the Aquatec. I go as often as five times a week and also use the health suite in the centre.

2. What’s your favourite thing about going to the gym?

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit, and played football my whole life – professionally as well for a short time. As well as this, I really enjoy the social aspect of going to the gym.

3. Over the past few years, how has it been for you when training with cancer?

It’s been difficult at times, and some days are better than other’s. Often you might feel as though you don’t want to go, but it’s important that I continued to keep doing ‘normal’ things every day.

I hope that sharing my story and experiences can lead to other people being positive as well.

4. How have you changed your lifestyle?

I’ve completely changed my diet, and I’m now 90% vegan and 10% vegetarian. I don’t eat any meat products, and have cut down on my alcohol intake also. I’m also now retired and like to go on holiday as often as I can!

5. We’ve heard that you recently got the all clear! Do you plan to keep on training in the future?

Yes I got the all clear after my last scan in November. This is the first time I’ve had this news in over 5 years, although I have been told that it is likely to return in the future. However, by attending the gym, and keeping a healthy diet I’ll try my best to negate this.

6. Any other comments?

When you find out that you’ve got cancer you automatically think the worst. However, it’s important that you stay positive and keep a normal routine in your life. I’ve battled cancer for 5 years, and only discovered it due to my wife accidentally giving me food poisoning! We laugh about it now. For me the key is staying positive, and I believe that going to the gym has massively helped me with this.

We’d like to thank Tony for sharing his story with us, and would like to wish him all the best for the future.

We’re sure you agree that Tony is a fitting NLL Legend!

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NLL Legend - Anthony Maschinsky

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