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This week’s NLL Legend is David Anderson.

David Anderson who is a Lifeguard with NL Leisure, was unfortunately caught up in the London Bridge Terror Attack on the 3rd June. Thankfully David & his fiance, who were enjoying a weekend away in London, were unharmed in the attack. David was able to put his First Aid skills to good use and assisted the ambulance crews in the immediate aftermath.

David has worked with NL Leisure for 7 years and is based at Sir Matt Busby Sports Complex in Bellshill. You can read his story below:

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David assisted several casualties by giving CPR to one, and adhering dressing to others. David also took instruction from the ambulance crews in how he could be of assistance in what was a truly horrible situation. David was able to help several of the injured, and ensured that they were all being treated by paramedics before he stepped away from the scene.

David said “My fiancé and I had been for dinner earlier in the evening, then decided to go to a nearby bar for a couple of drinks before ending our night. We were in the bar when the attack took place, instantly I ran out to help those who had been injured. It took me ten minutes or so to realise what exactly had happened. It wasn’t until I noticed the vast number of police & ambulance crews that the severity of the incident registered with me.”

“Autopilot just kind of kicked in and I knew that I had to help in any way I could, I took instruction from the ambulance crews and used my First Aid training to help in any way I could. This included giving CPR to one of those who had been caught up in the attack, and applying dressing to others.”

David also stated that the whole incident was surreal, and as expected it was initially hard to process what had happened given the magnitude of the situation. However, the next day London carried on as normal and this helped both him and his fiancé.

David said, “Thankfully people didn’t let the attack deter them from going about everyday life.”

David’s actions in the immediate aftermath of the attack were selfless and we’re sure that they were appreciated by all of those that he helped that evening. For that reason we have decided to highlight David’s story. David is highly deserving of the title of an NLL Legend.


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