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Eddie McCrossan is a man admired by many. At the ripe age of 72, Eddie is a regular at the NLL Tennis Academy and always puts 100% effort into every swing of his racket.

Eddie has not let retirement slow him down and he continues to live his life to the fullest through his passion for sport.

Eddie is an amazing man, a gentleman and an inspiration. He is our NLL Legend for the month of December.

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How long have you been attending tennis lessons for?
Around 4 years.

Where do you take your tennis lessons?
Ravenscraig RSF. It is local for me as I don’t live far from there.

Did you play tennis before you starting attending lessons?
I have played tennis since my 20’s and I love the sport. It is a passion of mine. I also used to play football and I regularly enjoy golf. I take piano lessons which I have been doing for a while. They are all passions of mine.

How have you progressed with your lessons?
I have been enjoying them very much. The coaches are excellent and very knowledgeable.

What motivates you to continue with your lessons?
I enjoy keeping fit and tennis is a passion of mine. It is also very sociable and I continue to enjoy it.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to take up the sport?
Persevere. It is a difficult sport to master as it is fast paced and the ball is always moving. It is not easy, but it is an excellent sport to play. The coaches are excellent and make it a lot easier for you to learn.

Any comments you would like to add?
Thank you to all staff at Ravenscraig, they are very nice, welcoming and always helpful and pleasant.  I have to also give a big thanks to the coaches, who have taught me throughout the years. I have learned so much through my lessons and they always make them very enjoyable.

David Hopkins Eddie’s tennis coach had this to say "Eddie has been coming along to the adult group coaching for a few years now. He is always really enthusiastic and keen to find out more about the shots and tactics we are working on. It is great to see Eddie continue to enjoy and improve his tennis. He has now developed a forehand that the rest of the class are scared of!"

That’s all for this month’s NLL Legend. Stay tuned for the next instalment coming soon!

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NLL Latest News

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