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Follow Elaine & James on their Three Month Summer Challenge

This summer we are asking the people of North Lanarkshire to ‘Choose Your Challenge’ and two of our members, Elaine and James are doing just that.

Elaine and James embarked on the three month summer challenge to become the best version of themselves. We followed their journey every week through their video diaries which we posted on Facebook and YouTube. We found out how they get on in their weekly personal training sessions, finding out what was keeping them going, their struggles and feelings.


For their personal challenges, they were tasked with the following:

1. They needed to follow the challenge through for the full three months: 11th May 2015 until 11th August 2015

2. They were required to go to the gym at least three times a week

3. They had to attend their weekly PT session

4. They needed to follow the gym and nutrition programme that had been set out for them

5. They needed to record their journey via video diary entries.


Meet Elaine


Elaine My Summer Challenge

 Age: 47

 Occupation: Sales Manager

 What’s Your Goal? Lose weight & get fit

 Current Gym Habits? None. Used to go to the gym but then stopped and gained loads of weight. Started going to Slimming World  and feel this is the ideal time to get back into fitness.

 Current Eating Habits? Eating healthy through Slimming World which is going well.

 Do you have any favourite sports? Enjoy watching all sports especially football and golf.

 Hobbies? Travel, decorating and socialising

 When did you last exercise? I attend a Kettlebell class on a Thursday but that is it. I go to that with my husband.

What hesitancies do you have when it comes to the gym/classes? I don’t have anything major but will admit to not giving 100% if I don’t like something

Are you a morning or evening person? I think I'm an all-day person but much prefer exercise in the morning as I have a hectic life with things on most  evenings so a morning gym class enables me to fit it in and keeps focused for the day

Personal Trainer: Kristen (Aquatec)

You can watch all of Elaine's Videos here


Meet James


James Personal Journey


 Occupation: Own my business, Paterson Trophy Supplies in Larkhall

 What’s Your Goal? Lose weight & complete the London Marathon next year. My weight has ballooned over the last year or so  after having our second child and I want to be able to play with my 2 young kids on a regular  basis.

 Current Gym Habits? None. I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in well over a year.

 Current Eating Habits? I have been eating what I want. Having my own shop, when I work late I usually have a takeaway which is on top of the usual weekend takeaways.

Do you have any favourite sports? Football & Running

Hobbies? My Family

When did you last exercise? Well over a year ago.

What hesitancies do you have when it comes to the gym/classes? I go in thinking everyone is a lot fitter than me and I am getting judged. It is a fear of looking stupid.

Are you a morning or evening person? Evening person

Personal Trainer: Thomas (Ravenscraig)

You can watch all of James's Videos here


You can see how Elaine & James got on via our Facebook & YouTube pages.

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