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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 NLL Latest News

Welcome to the first addition of our new monthly segment; ‘Meet the Team’ where you will get the chance to learn all about various members of staff across NL Leisure.

Our first ‘Meet the Team’ employee is David Penman.

Have a read below as we get to know David. We will hear an overview of the work he does at NL Leisure, his skillset and not forgetting, what his interests are.

You will regularly see David working hard in Broadwood gym whether that is having a workout or helping others accomplish their fitness goals.

David is a regular participant in body building competitions and this year he walked away with first prize as the’ Scottish Heavyweight Champion 2016’.

Read the full bio below.


Tell us about yourself and your job?
My role as Health and Fitness Manager has changed recently to Gym Manager. I oversee Broadwood, Tryst and Iain Nicolson centre. This involves managing the Gym and Group Fitness programme within these venues.

What interested you in a career in the health and fitness industry?
I always wanted to work within sport or health and fitness when I was at School. I originally wanted to be a PE teacher and completed my degree in Sports Coaching with the view of doing a post grad in PE teaching. After completing my degree I decided I wanted to concentrate on a career in health and fitness as I had more of a passion for this than school teaching.
I have worked with NL Leisure for 17 years, ever since I left school. Originally as a full time Leisure Attendant, I became a casual employee when I was studying full time and returned to a full time position once I completed my studies. I have worked in various sites within NL Leisure which include Wishaw, Shotts, Broadwood, Tryst and Iain Nicolson. My roles have included Leisure Attendant, Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Gym Manager and Health and Fitness Manager.

What are your hobbies?
I am huge sports fan and enjoy many sports but my favourite is football. I have an interest in all football and still play at amateur level. Another big hobby of mine is my own Gym/fitness training which I implement 4-5 times a week. I have a keen interest in nutrition, which I try to continually expand my knowledge.

That’s all for this month’s ‘Meet the Team’ segment. Stay tuned for the next instalment coming soon!

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