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Claire Mackie is an excellent Group Fitness Instructor with a busy life juggling her studies, work and teaching her popular exercise classes. Outside of the studio, Claire is dedicated to her studies in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. Exercise accounts for a huge chunk of Claire’s life which she enjoys immensely.

Claire Mackie is our new ‘Meet the Team’ member.


Tell us about yourself and your job?
I am a full time undergraduate student, classed as “mature” student because I’m 28, but I don’t feel or act it! I’m currently in my third year of studying a joint honours degree in Biochemistry and Pharmacology. When I’m not in term at university, I work as a pharmacy dispenser and have been doing that for the past eleven years, pretty much ever since I left school. Finally, I am a group exercise instructor in my free time and I teach BodyAttack and Grit Series programmes to anyone who comes along to my classes. I get the best feeling from teaching fitness classes, I absolutely love what I do!


What interested you in health and fitness?
I’ve always been active. I used to take dance and gymnastics classes and I was a swimmer for much of my childhood. Once I reached secondary school though, I seemed to lose interest in many of the things that I once loved. I suppose that comes with all the challenges you face as a teenager and that awkward stage you seem to go through. Then at the age of 20, and after yo-yo dieting all the way through my teenage years, I finally got myself a gym membership and began participating in group exercise classes. My very first class that I took part in was Les Mills BodyStep, which I was terrible at to begin with! I didn’t give up and gradually over the weeks I got better at it. It was during this time that I made some other changes to my lifestyle and started to become healthier and leaner. It didn’t take long before I tried out the other programmes too. BodyCombat was another favourite of mine back then. BodyAttack was the programme I found the most challenging and it’s because of that reason I grew to love the programme. I definitely had to put in a lot of effort with this class to get to where I am today. After a year I changed memberships and joined another gym. This was the turning point in my fitness journey. I was being taught by excellent instructors and so I became a regular in BodyCombat and BodyAttack and saw my fitness dramatically change. I then tried out BodyPump and really enjoyed the feeling that resistance training gave me. It suited me to do lighter weights and more reps as I was inexperienced with the heavier free weights in the gym at that time. Then once I started university I decided to give the instructor thing a go after becoming inspired by the instructors I was being taught by and for the love of group exercise. It was the best decision I ever made – I love it!


What are you hobbies?
Other than exercising, I’m a big family person so I love spending time with my nieces. I’m a full on social butterfly and you’ll often find me with my family or friends out doing something when I’m not working or studying. I still like to dance, although I don’t take classes anymore so I’m often fooling around in the studio before or after a class (when no-one’s watching!). I’m particularly interested in the French culture, I don’t speak fluent French but I have a basic understanding of it. When I have time I’d like to develop that further, perhaps once I’m finished my degree.

That’s all for this month’s ‘Meet the Team’ segment. Stay tuned for more stories coming soon!


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