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Health & Fitness Update


Please note that all memberships will be frozen and no payments will be taken on 5 January.

As soon as we have more information on a reopening date we will update all of our channels and provide a full update. 

As a good will gesture for all of our members and to help you stay fit and active over this period, we are continuing to offer a free membership to our fantastic online product for all live members. This offers a great number and variety of Facebook live classes every week along with a number of other brilliant benefits.

To join this fitness community all you have to do is select the Online Membership option when registering through our website or app or email our team on 




Following the announcement on Tuesday 17 November that North Lanarkshire will move to tier 4 of the Scottish Government’s Covid-19 protection levels, the gym and all health and fitness services will close from 6pm on Friday 20th November for 3 weeks.

 Please note that all NLL health and fitness memberships will be frozen for this period and no one will be charged until the next direct debit date of 5 January. Access to the current operating venues will resume as normal on 12 December. No payment will be taken in December to alleviate for time lost. You do not need to do anything or contact your bank, our team will arrange this for you. Annual memberships will be adjusted accordingly also. 

As a good will gesture for all of our members and to help you stay fit and active over this period, we are offering a free membership to our fantastic online product for all live members. This online membership runs a great number and variety of Facebook live classes weekly along with a number of other brilliant benefits.

To join this fitness community all you have to do is email our team on and the team will arrange this. In addition, we will provide a range of FREE online resources on our social media channels to help everyone stay fit and healthy as well as providing a number of useful tools and resources for dealing with these difficult time.


We have listened to customer feedback regarding our online membership and as a gesture of goodwill we have taken the decision to grant all members FREE access to our online membership for the duration of the time that fitness classes are not permitted to run. 

Please note that any members who solely use fitness classes will be refunded for the time that they have not been able to access classes. Full information on this will be provided early next week.

The online membership will give members access to a wide variety of classes that you are sure to love, along with live group PT sessions which will help you make the most as any equipment you have at home. 

In addition, you will recieve nutritional advice from our fully trained nutritionist and the support of a fantastic fitness community. You will also receive an excellent and comprehensive recipe book which will give you lots of recipes and meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Please note that you must have an active membership to qualify and gain access to this great membership bolt on and fitness community. To sign up call our team on 01236 341969 or try our new ‘live chat’ option from the ‘contact’ button on our app and we will get everything set up and give you instructions of how you can be added to the private facebook page where the online membership operates. 

Each week we will continue to run a live class here on our main Facebook page for you all to enjoy. You will also still have access to a huge back catalogue of classes that are saved to our page. These can be accessed at any time from any device and have something to suit all fitness abilities.   

Please find our class timetable for the online membership on our facebook page. 


Group Fitness Update

Following the announcement from the Scottish government yesterday, all fitness classes must remain off.

We understand this is very disappointing to many people but we must follow all government guidance and rules. Please note that the gym will operate as normal throughout this period.

 As a continued goodwill gesture and to help everyone stay fit and active, we will be extending our free online fitness classes via Facebook live for one more week. Please find the timetable for our free live classes on the NL Leisure Facebook page.

We will update our website and social media channels with all the latest news so please check in regularly. 

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.



Following the announcement from the Scottish government earlier today all fitness classes must remain off for a further week.
We understand this is very disappointing to many people but we must follow all government guidance and rules.

Please note that the gym will operate as normal throughout this period.

As a continued good will gesture and to help everyone stay fit and active over the extended period that fitness classes are not permitted to run, we will be looking at extending our free online fitness classes via facebook live.

As soon as we have a finalised schedule for our free live classes and any more information we will update Our website and social media channels as a matter of urgency so please check in regularly.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Following the announcement from the Scottish government earlier today (7th October) we must cancel all fitness classes from Saturday 10th October until Sunday 25th October with classes resuming on Monday 26th October.

We understand this is very disappointing to many people but we must follow all government guidance and rules. 

Please note that the gym will operate as normal throughout this period. 

All members who solely use fitness classes will not lose out for the days that the classes are cancelled. We are currently looking into the best options to deduct this money from a future direct debit and all members who are affected will be emailed with more information tomorrow so there is no need to contact our membership team unless you have any other specific issues or questions. 

As a good will gesture and to help everyone stay fit and active over the days that fitness classes are not permitted to run, we will be offering a number of free online fitness classes via facebook live. We will run 3 fitness classes every day for this period, absolutely free of charge.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support. 


Over the past few weeks we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to make the group fitness booking process and overall customer experience as smooth and effective as possible. 

 We appreciate there have been some issues and we have now implemented a number of measures and procedures to make it as fair as possible for everyone to book and enjoy our classes.


In such unprecedented times there is no simple approach, especially when the safety and wellbeing of both customers and staff is so important. We have continued to adapt to government guidance and advice and we have taken on as much feedback as possible in order to give everyone the best possible experience. 


We have now finalised all changes that are feasible in the current climate and we have listed below a number of steps that are being taken by the health and fitness team to improve the current overall group fitness experience since re-opening:

  • Additional Classes – We have increased our overall group fitness timetables by 30 classes  taking the total number of classes back up to over 700 per week 
  • Additional capacity – By moving 40 of our classes into the main halls we have managed to add an additional 644 available spaces into our programmes. Please be sure to check the capacity number on the classes within the app to look out for those classes that now have increased availability. Due to our venues supporting all of our local community we must ensure that all of the NLL products are prioritised giving access to everything from group fitness, swimming, sports development programmes etc 
  • Reintroduction of gym floor classes – We have reintroduced gym floor classes in order to give us an additional 15  bookable classes per week. These popular sessions will allow members the opportunity to take part in an instructor led workout within the functional areas of our gyms 
  • Programming – Despite the challenges which we have faced we have maintained our strong programme variety with over 40 different programmes available throughout our venues. These classes are still aimed at all levels of fitness with them having a huge range from low impact to high impact options 
  • At home workouts – As an added benefit to our returning members you can now access our live streaming classes through the £5 bolt on membership. We understand that due to social distancing laws we have had to reduce capacities in our studios therefore if you are not lucky enough to get a spot in your favourite class an online version may be available. Classes are posted regularly along with helpful hints and tips from both personal trainers and our NLL nutritionist. This means that you can either log on at the time you would normally complete the class or take part at a time that is convenient for you. 


App update

Class booking time change 

We have now moved the time in which you can book your classes from 12am to 8am following customer feedback.

No show Fee 

 A fee of £2 will be introduced from Monday 5th October for anyone who has booked into an available slot and failed to cancel up until an hour before session start time. You will also be unable to book any further sessions until the no show fee has been paid. This is again to try and help decrease the number of no shows within our classes and allow all members a fair chance of getting into the now limited spaces across our programmes.

Class waiting list 

If you add yourself to a waiting list and a space becomes available within this session you will receive an automatic email. This email goes out to all on the waiting list and simply works on a first come first serve basis until the space is full. Please remember to follow the link on the email to take you to the available space, if you go back to the app this will not show as available as it has been exclusively reserved for all those on the waiting list.

Checking in

Please ensure you swipe at the gate/reception or are recorded by a staff member on entry according to the sites procedures for that class.  It is important if you are attending multiple sessions back to back that you swipe at reception before each sessionas our entry system will only record attendance for your upcoming booking.


We thank everyone for their understanding during these difficult times. Please know that we are working as hard as possible to give all customers the best possible experience in a safe environment.




The health and safety of our customers underlines everything we do. Our procedures are in place to eliminate or minimise health and safety risks from COVID-19 and as such, we are acting on advice from the Scottish Government and all UK Aquatics governing bodies to formulate detailed guidance based on the available information at this time. 

You will be required to wear a face mask when entering our venues and you must keep your mask on until you reach your gym session or destination within the venue. In addition your mask must also be worn when leaving your session, when you are in any common or public areas and when you are leaving the venue.

Our Customer Contact Centre is now up and running

The team can be reached on 01236 341969 and can help with any questions you may have. The operating hours are as follows:

Monday to Thursday - 8am - 7pm

Friday - 8am - 4pm

You can also email the team at any time -

 Our Measures and Procedures will be under constant review and be updated as advice from Government, Health Authorities and Governing Bodies evolves in line with the gradual lifting of social restrictions.

Culture & Leisure NL has adapted its procedures to ensure compliance with government restrictions and to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all our users and staff. 

As such, access to the gyms and fitness studios will now have to be pre-booked. Everyone must be prepaid and booked either as a C&LNL or ‘AccessNL’ Member. 

To access our venues, all members MUST:

  • Book and pay before attending their session. To assist the NHS Test and Trace service, all visits must be recorded.
  • Arrive ‘gym ready’ in their workout clothes as no changing facilities will be available at this stage. 
  • Wear face masks out with the activity area in accordance with current Scottish Government Guidance.
  • Maintain social distancing at all times. 
  • Not arrive too early to try and reduce the number of people within the venue. Arrive 5 mins before session start time.
  • Not congregate in the facility or car parks. Members will be encouraged to leave the facility soon after their session. 
  • Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms. 
  • Please RESPECT our staff and all other users at all times.

These conditions are non-negotiable.



Please check your local gym and studio timetable on the NL Leisure’s website/app for available programmed activities and session times. To comply with government guidance, we have had to change some of Studio and gym sessions, members can now book;


  • 1-hour gym slots: All gym sessions will now be limited to 1 hour which will be required to be either pre-booked on the app or website 7 days in advance. Walk-in sessions will be available on the day but only if there is space within that specific session. Double sessions can be booked but members will be required to leave after one session and return at the beginning of the next. All members must swipe in at reception upon entry, access will not be permitted without checking in.
  • Studio 1-hour sessions: 1-hour studio sessions will now consist of 45 minute teaching time with a 15 minute “clean down period “ each member will be responsible for the cleaning down of their equipment with the cleaning goods provided at each facility. 
  • Studio 45-minute sessions: 45-minute sessions will now consist of 30 minute teaching time with a 15 minute “clean down period” again each member will be responsible for the cleaning of their equipment with the cleaning goods provided at each facility 
  • Studio and gym close down periods: For the health and safety of all members and along with the purpose of track and trace, a 20 minute “close down period “ for gyms is now required after each booked session. This is to allow enhanced cleaning to take place, sanitisation to be implemented and also to allow members to exit and re-enter the building at separate times to avoid any congestion within communal areas. A 10 minute “close down period “ has been implemented to studio sessions again to allow all of the above. 
  • Personal Training Sessions: All personal training sessions  must be pre-booked with the appropriate training, 24-hour notice is still required for any cancellation of appointments  
  • Nutrition Appointments: Nutrition appointments can still be booked through each venue at reception or by contacting our nutritionist direct. These appointments can still take place across our venues with new social distancing procedures being put in place 

We recommend our app for quick and easy online bookings. If you don’t already have it, this is free to download by searching for ‘NL Leisure’ on your app store.  Existing customers will need to have an e-mail address registered with us to set a password when they first log in. 

If you have never registered your e-mail with us or do not receive a password reset e-mail you can update this by e-mailing with your name and membership number (if known) or address requesting this to be added.


  • Enter via the Venues main entrance. Please note, exits may be different from the entrance.
  • Arrive ‘gym ready’ in your workout clothing when you come into the centre. Only bring essential personal items as there will be no access to changing facilities at this stage.
  • Arrival at the venue no more than 5 minutes prior to session time, if you arrive before this time please stay in your car. 
  • Indoor and Outdoor two-metre queue markers may be in operation.
  • On arrival, please sanitise your hands and use the swipe-in system on our entry gates if available. All members must bring their membership key fob at all times. Front of house staff will be on hand to provide any assistance if required.
  • The protection, safety and well-being of our staff is paramount therefore social distancing protocols must be observed AT ALL TIMES. 
  • We ask all customers to RESPECT all our frontline staff at all times



  • At this stage the changing facilities will not be open and we ask that everyone comes to the facilities with their gym clothes on so they are ready for their work out. As soon as this changes we will update our channels.
  • Upon finishing your session, please leave via the designated exit (this may be different to the entry) Please note at this stage there will not be any changing facilities. 




  • Please follow the venues specific directional signage and entry and exit points.
  • Do not make physical contact with other participants.
  • Always attempt to maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and another member.
  • Participants from the same household are not required to socially distance from each other but will be required to maintain a 2 metre distance from others. 
  • Please stay hydrated by bringing your own ‘pre-filled’ water bottle with you, water fountains may be available but could be limited.
  • Extra cleaning stations and products have been introduced, all members will be responsible for cleaning down each piece of equipment within the gym before and after use.
  • Social distancing guidelines must be followed and no “spotting “ will be allowed when exercising.
  • Hand Sanitising stations have been installed within our gyms so that is easy to regularly clean your hands. We ask that you sanitise your hands when entering to keep yourself and others safe.
  • Our Staff are fully trained in all of our new procedures and will be there to both ensure that our returning members feel safe in our new environments and to also ensure that members are following our new guidance and rules.
  • As we want to keep all of our members safe we are restricting numbers within our gyms, to secure your slot we are encouraging all members to take advantage of booking 7 days in advance through the NL app, please ensure that any sessions which you are no longer able to attend are cancelled with the consideration of other members.


  • Each of our fitness studios has been marked out with appropriate social distancing guidelines to create “workout zones “ for each member  
  • When arriving please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the class start time and avoid waiting in any communal areas within our venues 
  • Please always remain within the designated “workout zone “ 
  • Before and after the class please ensure that any equipment required or used is appropriately cleaned with products provided 
  • Please use the hand sanitising stations at each reception before entering our studios  
  • All members must “check in” before entering the fitness class, access will not be permitted if attendance has not been recorded 
  • Each fitness class has now been given the appropriate time to leave the designated space, please ensure you exit the venue within this 10 minute close down period  
  • You may notice some changes to some of our fitness programmes, exercise adjustments have been considered to avoid any travelling throughout the classes, don’t worry you will still be able to maximise your workout with the alternative exercises prescribed by our group fitness instructors 


  • Upon finishing your session we ask that you please leave via the designated exit as quickly as possible (this may be different to the entry)
  • We would ask you to help us maintain a safe environment by exiting the building via the one-way exit in a timely manner after your session. 
  • We appreciate participants may be keen to catch up with fellow members whilst we certainly would encourage you to do this, please be courteous to others and do so in a safe space outside the building.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



We have only made changes to some weekend opening hours, please check the website for full detail on opening hours for each venue.



Yes, provided that there is availability within your desired activity through requesting and checking in at reception you will be able to access. Please note that if it falls out with start time of the gym session you will only be able to access the gym for the remaining time on that slot 



Yes, you can book your personal training session as normal with your designated trainer. All previously bought sessions have been noted and will be carried out upon your return. When carrying out sessions the PT must maintain the 2 metre distance from the client so there will be no spotting or manual correction of technique. All support will be done through verbal communication and demos from the appropriate distance. 


At this stage the changing rooms will not be open and we ask that you arrive at the facility with your gym clothes on. As soon as this changes we will update all of our channels. 


Some equipment has been removed for the purpose of health and safety, this does include individual exercise mats for gym and studios. You can access our kit partners website to receive 25% off gym accessories using code NL25-ACCESS to purchase your own and bring along with you. Some other loose kit such as resistance bands and boxing gloves will also not be available on the gym floor.

Please note this discount is only valid for accessories such as mats and resistance bands and not for larger pieces of equipment. 

Click here for the Origin Fitness Website



Each gym slot will last 1 hour, after this hour you will be required to leave the venue. If there is availability in the next session you will be able to re-enter the venue at the appropriate time 



Yes our classes are still running across our studios, there has been some adjustments made to allow for social distancing so please check the website for any changes to the timetables 



We have added in extra cleaning stations in each gym and studio where we expect all members to clean every piece of kit before and after use. We also have 20 minute “close down periods” between sessions to allow staff to carry out deep cleaning.



We have set maximum capacity numbers across all of our venues to ensure you can work out with the space you need. We have also zoned off our functional and free weight spaced to allow appropriate social distancing as well as closing off or moving some kit to create 2m distances between. Lastly, we have introduced clear signage within our gyms to help members along with our team being on the floor available to help.



Based on the latest government guidance you currently do not need to wear a mask whilst exercising within the gym. We do ask however that masks are worn when moving elsewhere throughout our venues.

For any general enquires please call 01236 341969 or email  



We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes in anticipation for your return and have created some simple rules for everybody to stick to in order to make our venues a safe place for everyone from gym/class users and centre visitors to staff members.  

Copy of Copy of Copy of home workout

  • We have deep cleaned every venue in anticipation of your arrival
  • We will deep clean every venue every day and during each day as much as possible every day
  • We have reduced the equipment available for use to comply with social distancing
  • We have introduced sanitiser stations and have added extra cleaning products to our venues
  • We have implemented new booking systems (If you have any issues please email
  • We will ensure all staff members will be wearing masks
  • We have placed clear markings on our floors to assist with social distancing.

Copy of Copy of home workout

  • Wash/sanitise your hands regularly
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Always clean your equipment and machines before and after use
  • Always return your weights

Copy of home workout 4

  • Keep 2 meters apart
  • Do not come to the centre if you feel unwell or have any symptoms
  • Book your time slot on our app
  • Be mindful of other people and keep your workout short and sweet where possible
  • Respect your neighbour and all staff

 Thank you for your cooperation. We can't wait to see you soon.