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What is Body Pump

  • Body Pump is a barbell class using light to moderate weights.
  • High Reps helps build lean muscle and strength to help tone and shape the body.
  • Targets every muscle group in the body.
  • It’s set to uplifting music to help motivate class members.
  • Each release lasts for 12 weeks changing 4 times per year.
  • Suited to all fitness levels

                                                                      Smart Start

  • New Clients can start the program by starting with light weights and do 4 tracks and leave the class. Clients are advised to add a track each week, this will allow them to feel successful when they work towards getting stronger.


Body Pump 100 Event

  • Date 14th January
  • Venues Tryst /Ravenscraig
  • Time 10am-11am
  • Booking made through events page.


What is Body Pump 100 and why are we celebrating it.

Body Pump has been a worldwide successful program for 25 years, it’s one of the most popular programs on our Group Fitness Timetable. We are working together with Lesmills and our own teams here at NLL to make this a hugely successful event for our members.

In addition, we will be holding a Body Pump Technique session from at both Tryst and Ravenscraig on 14th January.

A kids drop in sports session will also be hosted at both Tryst and Ravenscraig to allow full families to get involved the fitness fun. It will also help anyone struggling to find child care the opportunity to get involved.  These will run from 9.30am - 11.30am. 


Charity Event

In celebration of the release of Body Pump 100, NL Leisure’s fantastic team of Les Mills Body Pump Instructors are looking for 100 Body Pumpers from across NL to join us and raise some spectacular money for charity just to show how truly strong we are!!!

This is how it will work. Over the 3 month quarter of the release January – March 2017, each of the 100 will do 100 fitness activities and raise by whatever means you like £100 each! This will net an amazing £10,000 to donate to charity and shows what a powerful and amazing community Body Pump has created in NL and the potential that drawing together on our fabulous strengths can do for those less fortunate.

When you sign up – you will nominate the charity that you would like your fundraising to go to and when all the money is gathered in, we will split between the chosen charities on the ratio of nominations they have received.

When you register, you will get an activities card to complete to show what sessions you do – these don’t need to be structured – as long as you are active we are happy!

We will kick off the challenge at our Body Pump 100 launch in January and finish with a celebratory fitness event in March where all the 100 can come along and toast their success!

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