Body Attack 100 - Meet the Instructor - Chris Mellon!

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Body Attack 100 - Meet the Instructor - Chris Mellon!

Bookings are now open for Body Attack 100 and we can't wait until Saturday 21st April!

Our huge Body Attack event will be taking place at Wishaw and the Tryst and is completely FREE to both members & non-members.

To start the day we'll be holding a Body Attack Mash Up class from 9am - 9.45am, where we relive some of the best Body Attack releases from the past, before the main event starts at 10.15am, running until 11.15am.

We recently caught up with Chris Mellon, one of our group fitness instructors who will be taking part on the day - read his story below.

To book your place, please visit:



1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi I’m CJ also known as Chris. I have been working with NL Leisure for 11 years now and Health & Fitness has always been my passion. From a young age I have been involved in several different sports including being a champion Irish Dancer. I’m now training to run two marathons this year, having run my first last year. As well as keeping active I enjoy spending time with my family.


2. How long have you been with NL Leisure for?

I've been with NL Leisure for 11 years now, and Body Attack is definitely one of my favourite programmes!


3. How long have you been teaching Body Attack for?

I have been teaching Body attack since 2012 so 6 years, I qualified on release 78 - one of my favourite releases so far! I took part years prior to attending my initial module training. As a participant I always wanted to become an instructor but soon found out it wasn’t as easy as I first thought! Thankfully having experience from dance I could pick up the routine quite quickly and start putting my own twist on it. With practice and help from others I succeeded and I wouldn’t change it for the world!


4. What’s your favourite thing about Body Attack?

I love the music in Body Attack, the bouncy beats keep me motivated and push me that little bit further to hit my fitness peak! It sounds cheesy but if you know me through work or personal life I think you would agree I can be a bit ‘out there’ and LOVE some of the Body Attack cheesiness! As an instructor I love that there is something in it for everyone, low impact options, slower pace moves or higher if you want to challenge yourself week by week. It’s great to see our members / friends grow and achieve personal goals of their own. I have made some real good friends with a lot of people whom I’ve met through the class, we all know that feeling at the last peak of a power track we all fight through it together as a team!


5. Why should people attend Body Attack 100?

As most of you know we always have great fun at our launches! However,  Body Attack 100 is something special. We are celebrating 25 years of Body Attack! It’s a landmark release and it’s something we ALL want to be a part of, whether you are a die-hard Body Attacker or first time participant, what better way to start your journey. It’s going to be an honour to share the stage with some of the instructors from NLL that once inspired me to teach so I’m extremely excited!

The music is electrifying and with the mood set, the energy is going to be through the roof! YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT!


We can't wait to see you on Saturday 21st April - book your place NOW!

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