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Massive congratulations to Alex Robison and Marion Smith who completed an amazing 10,000 metre row challenge in aid of Chris's House on 13th August. The pair had set a a goal of completing the challenge in under 1 hour and after 4 weeks of grueling training where they continued to bring their times down they eventually completed the challenge in just 45 minutes and 2 seconds. They also managed to raise a fantastic £473.65 for Chris's House. Everyone at NL Leisure would like to commend both Alex and Marion on a superb effort. 

Find out more about Alex and Marion below including their amazing fitness transformations to date. 

Alex Robison

I just turned 60 on Saturday the 13th July and took my early retirement at the end of November last year. I was a Post Press T/Leader for Newsprinters at Eurocentral constant nightshift and long hours as Daily Newspapers are printed at night. As I was eating when I should be sleeping and sleeping when I should be eating I had to change something as I ended up weighing  22st. If I kept it up I would have been lucky to see 61! I took on a part-time job with North Lanarkshire Council as a Crossing Patrol Officer to keep my mind active. At the same time I joined the gym and met up with gym staff member Debbie she marked out 3 different training plans for me over the next 16 weeks and with the help of the other 4 gym Trainers and Marion I  have managed to lose just over 3 stone in 6 months.


Marion Smith

I am 45 years old. I struggled with my weight for many years through depression and a lot of comfort eating and I ended up 17st in weight. It took a lot of courage and coaxing from my family and friends for me to get out of the house and do something about it. I eventually joined slimming world 5 and a half years ago and I lost 3 and a half stone, which I'm still a member to this date. I joined the gym at the Sir Matt Busby Complex with some of my family members two years ago as I still wanted to lose another 3 stone, my family members gave up after a short time so I was left on my own. I made the decision to enroll with Personal Trainer Adam Scott for one to one training to try and meet my goal, which I have lost another three stone!

I have had another challenge from the Trainers on how quick I could do 500 meters on the rower in a certain time which you were only allowed 3 attempts which I managed. I have also got 2 teenage sons who are also members of the gym. I teamed up with Alex a couple of months ago and we have become great gym buddies ever since, when you are a Team of 2 there is always a challenge.


Sir Matt Busby Complex

Myself and Marion always had our own fitness and training sheets and it was only by chance that I asked her one day a question about a certain piece of apparatus and we got talking about all the different tasks we did on our sheets. About two or three weeks later we had a chat and we both thought that we were starting to do the same thing day in and day out and was getting a bit robotic, so we started doing some of each others activities and sort of hit it off.  We started working as a Team, in the end we probably use about 80% of the kit and 10% of the weight lifting kit, the other 10% didn't appeal to us so we then started looking for new challenges and thought lets try a Gym-Fit, which was a lot more intense and thought it was great. It was more beneficial than doing our old stuff so we are now doing Gym-Fit 3 to 4 times a week, plus we have designed our own gym-fit courses and a cardio course as an extra.

Our latest challenge came about when we were on the Rowers and decided why don't we do something for charity and try something like 10,000 meters each on the Rowers. So we will be cutting out some of our Gym-fits to concentrate on the training on the Rowers as we want to try to complete the 10km in less than an hour. 


Our Chosen Charity

Our chosen charity is Chris’s House  which was set up to offer a safe environment where people in crisis may have a respite from their current unwellness, by finding refuge and involvement in an individually tailored programme to offer support and respite through their journey. It is a fantastic local charity which has helped a huge number of people in North Lanarkshire and beyond. This is a charity close to Marion's heart and she has high praise for the amazing work they do.

If you would like to help Alex & Marion by making a donation, please follow the link below. Every donation, no matter how big or small is a huge help. Thank you.

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