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New Government weight loss initiative.

New Government support to help those living with obesity lose weight

On 4 March 2021, the government announced new specialised support to help those living with obesity to lose weight. Living with excess body weight can put you at greater risk of serious illness if you contract COVID-19, with this risk increasing as body mass index (BMI) increases.

"Being overweight increases the risk of becoming ill with COVID. If we all do our bit, we can reduce our own health risks – but also help take pressure off the NHS"

According to a government press release, children, adults and families will be better supported to achieve and maintain a healthier weight through £100 million of new government support, prioritising those who need the most support to achieve a healthier lifestyle, including people living in some of the most deprived areas of the country.

These plans include more than £70m to make weight-management services more accessible and a further £30m towards helping people maintain a healthy weight.

This investment is expected to help up to 700,000 adults to access support through the NHS and councils to help them lose weight from access to digital apps, weight management groups or individual coaches, to specialist clinical support.

As well as weight loss, the investment also aims to help people maintain a healthy weight, by including access to the free NHS 12-week weight loss plan app and continuing the successful Better Health marketing campaign to motivate people to make healthier choices.

"Losing weight is hard, but making small changes can make a big difference"

There is also talk of a new fit miles’ approach to be developed by Sir Keith Mills that will use incentives and rewards to support people to eat better and move more. This will draw on similar incentives around the world, such as the national step challenge in Singapore where Singaporeans are encouraged to do more physical activity as part of their daily lives with a financial incentives.

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