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Did you know that around 70% of your fitness results are determined by nutrition? Speed up your results and reach your goals in no time by complimenting your fitness regime with a good nutrition plan.

12-week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching:

Learn how to transform your lifestyle and reach your goals in no time with our brand new 12-Week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. This exciting new product includes:

  • - An initial 30-minute consultation where your body measurements will taken through our advanced In-Body machine.
  • - A food diary will be given to complete for a week which will then be evaluated and adjusted by our fully qualified nutritionist.
  • - An initial fitness profile will be carried out and a gym program will be created tailored specifically to your body goals.
  • - Nutrition pack provided including a recipe booklet with pre workout and post workout meals and snacks.
  • - 12-week training sheet, with training day macros and non-training day macros explained and broken down.
  • - My Fitness Pal “how to guide” will be provided, which will walk you through exactly how to track everything to reach your goals.
  • - A weekly check-in email will be sent to make sure you are on track.
  • - Every 4 weeks there will be a meeting to evaluate how you are getting on. At this point, calories may be changed if required.
  • - There will be a 6-week gym program review to track your progress.
  • - Finally, there will be an in-depth 12-week review at the end and a final In-Body analysis to see how you have progressed.
  • If you require any more information or want to register your interest in this fantastic new product, email

    Cost £80

    4-week tailored nutrition plan cost:

    Members - £40

    The second step will be when you receive your nutrition pack. This includes a full analysis of your diet, with recommendations for change, total calorie intake along with recommended protein and carbohydrate per day. In addition to this, you will be given the following:

    • High sources of protein
    • Healthy snack list
    • Sources of good and bad fats
    • Fast digesting and slow digesting carbs
    • A portion sizing guide

    You will now have four weeks to implement the recommendations to your diet. You will be provided with email support at all times so you have full support on your journey. If at any point in the four-week plan you are unsure of what you should or should not be eating we are on hand to provide guidance and support.

    The last step will be a review at week four, this will involve a general chat and feedback on how you found the information.

    If you require any more information or want to register your interest please email


    Comparisons between 12 week plan and 4 week plan

    30 min consultation 4-week plan

    30 min consultation - 12-week plan

    Food diary

    Inbody analysis

    Diet analysis

    Appointment sheet- all appointments are pre booked.

    Nutrition pack

    7 day food diary

    Weekly check-ins

    Fitness test

    4 week review

    Gym Programme


    Recipe booklet


    My fitness pal “how to”


    Food diary analysis


    Training day & non training day macros


    Weekly email check-ins


    4 weekly sit downs (week 4,8 &12) (nutrition)


    6 week programme review (gym)


    12 week programme review (gym)

  • 12 weeks of the 4 week plan would cost £120
  • The 12 week plan only costs £80!



    Anne Sneddon- “The four week nutrition plan gave me all the options of what I could eat and made me aware, that I don’t need such large portions or a lot of snacks throughout the day. I have learned what I should be eating and feel confident to be able to continue in my diet”

    Amanda Robertson- “The plan has helped me lose weight and plan in advance what I am eating which has influenced how I shop for food. I now have more structure to my diet and I am definitely eating healthier”

    Laura Mcguire “I have lost 12lbs so far on the nutrition plan. I feel it has definitely worked for me”

    Lyndsay Rodger- “The nutrition plan helped me make small changes to my diet which wasn’t restrictive. It gave me plenty of variety which made it very easy to follow and was effective.”

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