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Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and as well as raise awareness for this cause we wanted to provide some helpful tips and advice for people who may be struggling with their mental health. 

The Coronavirus is affecting people in many different ways, but one thing many people have in common at the moment is anxiety.

Nobody is immune, some people are key workers, feeling anxious and stressed about going to work and having to leave their homes, others have had their routines disrupted, being forced to stay in and stop the things that keep them sane on a daily basis and many people are struggling with isolating alone with nobody to talk to. 

When trying to cope with anxiety and your mental health, NHS Lanarkshire recommend;

Be kind to YOURSELF

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Try to eat healthily, stick to a sleep routine where possible, and take some exercise where you can. 

It's important for both your physical and mental health to do some sort of exercise each day. Whether that be a daily walk or taking part in a class, exercise releases good endorphins and will instantly improve your mood. 

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We have free daily live workouts every day on our Facebook page that can be adapted to any level of ability and include a variety of conditioning and cardio workouts to choose. Check them out HERE.  

We also have some lower impact and gentle movement sessions that you can follow at home. These can be found on the links below:

Strength and Balance 


Mobility & Stretching video 1  

Mobility & Stretching video 2

Flowing Yoga Stretches


Stay in touch

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Stay in touch with people you like and trust if you can. When you’re physically distancing, or if you’re having to self-isolate, why not reach out by phone, message or video call?


Be Kind to Others

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The theme for this years Mental Health Week campaign is be kind. As we have mentioned above you should first be kind to yourself, however you should always be kind to others. Many people are feeling extremely alone and isolated at the moment and showing kindness is a great way to help people feel connected again.  Being kind to others will also help make you feel good about yourself as well.  

For more information as well as advice and tips on coping with your mental health during this time or any time visit the NL Facebook or Instagram page our very own personal trainer 
Katie has put together some amazing content for you which can be found below that can you use when you feel anxiety creeping in.  

5 great tips for looking after your mental health 

Breathing Sequence

Katie also has more helpful content on her own instagram page which can be found HERE. 

We hope these tips can help you find a little calm during these times and always.

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Stay Safe