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Girl’s Only Soccer School

Girls only football


Where & When: Thursday - 5pm - 6pm - Ravenscraig


Ages: 5 - 9 Years Old


Abilities: For all levels & abilities


Skills Gained: The following skills will be acquired

  • Can play any game with good attention and awareness skills
  • Develops an understanding of the importance of team play
  • Can dribble the ball with good close control
  • Has basic mastery of the ball with ability to take it/kick it in any direction with relative accuracy
  • Understands how to kick the ball with different parts of the foot and the resulting movement of the ball
  • Learns and understands the basic rules of a match


Programme: Throughout the programme your child will work on the following skills as well as be part of a Tournament week every 5 weeks. This will give your child the chance to play football in a zero pressure environment and give them a chance to showcase skills they have learned during previous sessions.

  • Warm ups - Ball Mastery
  • Fast Feet/ Reaction Sprints
  • Skill Development, 1 V 1’s, 2 v 2’s, Skills School, Shooting Drills with Skill Movement and Small Sided Games


What to Bring: A drink (water is recommended). All classes are indoor - we recommend a t-shirt, shorts & football/training shoes 

For more information contact Sports Development on



Women's Walking Football is a fantastic way to keep in shape and socialise with your friends with all the same rules as normal football, just no running!


Monday - Townhead Community Centre 6pm - 7pm - Outdoor 2g Pitch to the near of the building


16 years + Years


For all levels & abilities. 

What to Bring

A drink (water is recommended). All classes are outdoors so please bring appropriate footwear and clothing.

Cost (DD is 12-months Per Year)

NLL Members

£7.99 per month for one session per week.

Non Members

£9.99 per month for one session per week.

How to book

For more information and to sign up please email


Health Improvement Programme

Some text in here

Routes 2 Health and Wellbeing

Our Routes 2 Wellbeing programme is open to anyone who experienced difficulties during the pandemic which has affected their mental health. We welcome referrals from a variety of organisations and agencies who are dealing with supporting people's mental health and wellbeing and recovery. The programme is open to anyone aged 16 years and above and offers 3 months of Personal Training sessions with our team of highly qualified PTs followed by a 3 month health and fitness membership allowing unlimited use of the gyms, swimming pools and group fitness classes.

Our PTs will arrange a number of contact points with the client prior to them coming into the venues and then will book them in on a weekly basis for their sessions.

Please use the attached link to make your referral and we will do the rest!

If you would like to talk to anyone about the process please contact:


Online Community

This membership provides an online community which will make you fall in love with getting fit and healthy, all from the comfort of your home. No matter what your fitness level, we have something for everyone, from complete beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts. Our team cares about your goals and will strive to keep you on track from the safety of your home.

+ Over 10 Live Sessions Every Week

With over 10 live sessions every single week, this membership has everything you need to stay in great shape and keep you exercising regularly from home. All you need is your phone, tablet or computer and a bit of space around you, and you're ready to go! We will have workouts to suit everyone and will help you to avoid missing a workout ever again!

+ Group PT Sessions

In addition to the Facebook Live fitness classes, we will have live group PT sessions which will help you make the most as any equipment you have at home. Even if you don't have any equipment, the team will give you great ideas of what you can use as alternatives. 

+ Monthly Recipe Book

When you join this online community you will receive a fantastic and comprehensive recipe book which will give you lots of recipes and meal ideas for breakfast, lunch and diner. It will also provide some delicious dessert recipes. 

+ Nutritional Support

In addition to the great recipe book, you will have a professional, fully trained nutritionist on hand to provide support and tips to help keep your diet on track. 

Only £5 Bolt on per month

You will receive all of this and much more for just £5 bolt on to your current live membership. The fantastic membership is exclusively available to NL Leisure members.  

How to Join:

Call the team on 01236 341969 and they will set this all up for you. 

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