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If your kid loves sport then they'll love our new Multi-Sports Direct Debit programme that is launching on Monday 29th January.

For just £34.99 per month your child will be able to access unlimited coaching sessions every week!

A number of great sports will be included in this new programme, meaning that your child can try their hand at whatever they like!

Not only this, but when you sign up for our new Multi-Sports programme, you'll also receive 20% off Holiday Programme bookings.

Your child will have the option to choose from the list of following sports:

 Sports Included  Number of months running
 Soccer Schools 10
 Badminton 10
 Dance 10
 Tennis 12
 Musical Theatre 10
 Athletics 12
 Gymnastics 12

If your child is currently taking part in either the Golf Academy or the Pre School Golf programme then they can add the new Multi-Sports package for just £15 per month.

You can sign your child up to our excellent new Multi-Sports Direct Debit programme at your local NL Leisure venue. Online sign up coming soon!

For more information on this excellent new programme, please email