Grievance Policy

North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd
Human Resources
19 September 2012


An employee shall have a right of appeal against any decision of North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd or against its failure to come to a decision regarding any condition of their employment.

To ensure that individual grievances, relating to employment within North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, are settled fairly, speedily and as near to the source of the grievance as possible, the following procedure shall be followed:

At all stages of the grievance procedure the employee will have the right to be represented or
accompanied by a Trade Union representative or a work colleague.

Stage I

Where an employee is aggrieved on any matter, the employee or representative should normally discuss the matter initially with his immediate superior. Exceptionally, where this is deemed to be
inappropriate, the matter should be discussed with a nominated senior officer.

The immediate superior should reply orally as soon as possible and in any case within two working days and advise the aggrieved employee of the next stage.

Stage II

If the immediate superior is unable to give a satisfactory reply to the grievance, the employee shall
notify, in writing, the Chief Executive of the intention to appeal against the decision on the grievance. This notification must be given within fourteen days.

The Chief Executive or other nominated senior officer shall acknowledge receipt of the notification of appeal within five days and shall also inform the HR Manager of the notification of grievance and have regard for any advice offered therefrom.

The Chief Executive shall arrange a meeting between a nominated senior officer and the employee aggrieved to discuss the grievance. The meeting shall be arranged, although not necessarily take place, within five working days and the written reply shall be made as soon as possible but in any event within five working days of such a meeting.

Stage III

Where the employee remains dissatisfied, a written appeal may be submitted to the HR Manager, within 14 fourteen days of receipt of the decision at Stage II above, requesting that the matter be referred to a special appeals panel consisting of the Chief Executive a member of the Board of Directors and the HR Manager, outlining in detail the grounds of the grievance.

The matter shall end at this point with the decision of the appeals panel

Trade Union Representation

While the matter of representation is entirely one for the employee, it would be anticipated that in
normal circumstances, trade union representation will be selected from within North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd to ensure the matter is dealt with quickly and effectively.

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