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Negative body image can be a daily battle for many. 

Being unhappy with your body and how you look is a very common problem for people today. We are bombarded with images daily on social media, on tv and in adverts of men and women with the so called perfect body and it’s easy to compare ourselves to them which results in us feeling bad about our bodies. This can also lead to low self-esteem, depression and harmful health behaviours, including eating disorders.

If you’re feeling unattractive and down about your body, read our top tips on how you can improve how you feel about yourself.


Did you know that studies have shown that just one 30-minute exercise session can have a significant effect on immediate thoughts of body dissatisfaction. This is because exercise creates a sense of empowerment. We feel successful and stronger, we are in a better mood and we replace negative thoughts about our bodies with positive ones. Here at NL we have plenty of 30 minute workouts available across our channels. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to access a bank of online classes you can follow at any time. We have a range of classes to suit all abilities. 

Change up your social media

Now we are not saying delete social media, but choose more specifically what you see. Start by unfollowing everyone that makes you feel bad about yourself. Many influencers on social media will only post photos which are taken with good lights and angles. They will also use filters and photoshop their images to look perfect. Instead try to follow positive accounts that promote body confidence and a healthy lifestyle. 

Use Positive Language

It’s all too easy to use negative language. Simple phrases and words you’re using could be having a negative impact on your own mind-set and self-confidence without you even knowing. Some of us have a habit of repeating the same negative words and phrases over and over again and the more we hear, read, or speak a phrase, the more power it has over us. For example if you keep saying I hate my body, I am fat, I can’t do this you will start to believe it because the brain uses repetition to learn.

You can change negative language into positive language. Try making the following changes. 

Instead ofI need to workout” say “I get to workout

Instead ofI hate my legs” say “My legs allow me to play with my kids

Instead ofThis is too hard” say “ This may take some time

These small changes can really make a difference in how you see yourself. 

Remember it doesn’t matter what size you are. You deserve love and respect from yourself and you deserve to be happy.

Here at NL Leisure We Support Everybody.