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Our latest blog will feature a list of 5 classes that we offer that are perfect for improving your Strength & Conditioning.

Here’s some information about the classes, we recommend that you give them all a try!


1. Body Pump

At Body Pump we’ll improve your stamina through lots of repetition using light & moderate weights. From squatting to pressing, lifting to curling, Body Pump will improve both your strength & conditioning. Body Pump will challenge your whole body and build all of your major muscle groups at the same time.

Body Pump is popular with both men & women and is the perfect class for getting results, fast.

You can attend Body Pump at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Broadwood, Iain Nicolson Centre, Ravenscraig, Shotts, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, The Tryst, and Wishaw.


2. Ultimate Core

Ultimate Core is the perfect class for strengthening your abs. Ultimate Core works both your upper & lower core to ensure that you get results fast. Our Ultimate Core workouts will also target your stomach, back and bum to help shape your desired body image.

If your aim is to have a flatter tummy and defined waistline then you’ve found the perfect class!

You can attend Ultimate Core at: Airdrie, Broadwood, Shotts, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, and Wishaw.


3. Kettlebells

Kettlebell classes provide you with the perfect workout. You’ll target pretty much every aspect of your fitness at Kettlebells – endurance, strength, balance, agility & cardio endurance.

Kettlebells can even help you improve coordination, and give you better posture alignment.

Kettlebells offers all these benefits but still remains a simple class. You only use one piece of equipment and the exercises are straightforward – meaning it’s perfect for those of all abilities.

You can attend Kettlebells at: Airdrie, Broadwood, Iain Nicolson, Ravenscraig, Sir Matt Busby, and The Tryst.


4. Legs, Bums & Tums

Legs Bums & Tums is a great class for improving your overall fitness & helping you lose weight. You’ll sample a series of different exercises including step-aerobics, lunges, crunches, air-cycling & squats!

Legs Bums & Tums is the ideal class for firming up and takes place in a fun, friendly & sociable group environment. The class is perfect for beginners and those of all fitness levels & ages.

You can attend LBT at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Broadwood, Iain Nicolson, Ravenscraig, Sir Matt Busby, Shotts, The Time Capsule, The Tryst, and Wishaw.


5Super Circuits

Super Circuits is a great workout which targets both your small & large muscle groups through using a combination of TRX, suspension training, Kettlebells and power bags. Circuits provide you with a whole body workout in a short period of time. Super Circuits are great for improving your Strength & Conditioning, and help you to achieve proven results – making Super Circuits a favourite amongst our members.

You can attend Super Circuits at: Airdrie, Keir Hardie, Kirkwood, Ravenscraig, Shotts, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, and Wishaw.


You can book these classes via the following link or by phoning one of the above venues.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Social Media channels for our next blog update.



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