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Online Personal Training


Online Zoom PT Sessions

Are you struggling with working out at home? Do you not know what type of exercise you should be doing? Do you miss your personal Trainer?

Our new programme is for you.

There will be an initial consultation for the PT to see if you have any equipment available, discuss goals and provide some nutrition tips.

Sign up for either 4 or 8 sessions and choose one of our fully qualified PTs who will coach you online via email, messaging and zoom calls.


What is the cost?

4 sessions £40

8 sessions £65

(all sessions must be used within 4 weeks)



6 week programme

There will be an initial conversation with one of our PT's to help get an understanding of your goals and if you have any equipment available.  You will be contacted at the halfway point and again when you have completed the 6 week programme.


What is the cost?




Online Nutrition Plan


Need some help staying on track with your diet?  Our new Online Nutrition Plan will help you reach your goals in 2021.

This 6-week plan is done 100% online meaning you can stick to it whatever the circumstances.



What's included?

  • 2 recipe books (every 3 weeks)
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Constant support and diary analysis
  • Support on meals, different ideas, how to stay within calories and Macros
  • Accountability (Must use my fitness pal to track all meals and email over)



 £40 (£5.70 a week)


If you require any more information or want to register your interest in this fantastic new product, email 



Complete Nutrition Guide

Our in-house nutritionist has created a "Complete Nutrition Guide" which comes with all the essentials needed to kick start your fitness journey. This pack will teach you about what and when to eat to compliment your training routine in the best way possible.

The pack includes;

  • Pre/post work out Recipe book
  • Packed lunch ideas
  • Pre and post training snacks
  • Meal prep guide
  • Guide on why it is important to fuel your body for exercise.

Price £40

Les Mills Body Pump (1)-min.jpg

Les Mills Body Attack-min.jpg

Les Mills Body Balance-min.jpg

Les Mills RPM-min.jpg

Les Mills Body Combat (2)-min.jpg

Les Mills GRIT-min.jpg

Les Mills Body Jam-min.jpg

Les Mills Body Step (1)-min.jpg


Have you ever wanted to know your body fat percentage or have a full body composition analysis?

Inbody analysis- £20

Full body composition analysis includes;

  • How much body water you store (in ltr)
  • Total body fat in KG and as a %
  • Muscle mass in KG
  • Visceral fat in cm2 and in KG
  • Body fat distribution diagram
  • Total energy expenditure in kcal and BMR
  • Biological age

To book or find out more, please email