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Have you ever wanted to know your body fat percentage or have a full body composition analysis?

  1. Inbody analysis- £20
  2. Inbody analysis with 1 PT session & food diary analysis with recipe book, Macros worked out & MFP breakdown- £60

Full body composition analysis includes;

  • How much body water you store (in ltr)
  • Total body fat in KG and as a %
  • Muscle mass in KG
  • Visceral fat in cm2 and in KG
  • Body fat distribution diagram
  • Total energy expenditure in kcal and BMR
  • Biological age

To book or find out more, please email


Come along to our FREE nutrition seminars where you will learn more about healthy eating and the benefits that this brings. The seminars are held by our fully qualified in-house nutritionist. Her expertise and encouragement can help you implement changes to your diet which will help you achieve long lasting success. Please find our upcoming seminars below. The topic of the seminars will be "Diet Myths Squashed".

Seminars are completely free to both members & non-members.

Broadwood Tuesday 7th August 6.30pm - 7pm.

Wishaw 13th August 6pm - 6.30pm.

Ravenscraig 20th August 6pm - 6.30pm.

To book, please call your venue of choice directly or email



Did you know that around 70% of your fitness results are determined by nutrition? Speed up your results and reach your goals in no time by complimenting your fitness regime with a good nutrition plan.

Our 12-week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching programme has been compiled by our fully qualified nutritionist, and is the best way for you to reach your goals and obtain great results. The programme emphasises the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced diet along with regular exercise. The 12-week programme is specially tailored to meet your individual needs, as we understand that health & fitness takes more than just a 'one size fits all' approach. 

Many people benefited from this amazing programme in 2017, and we're determined to ensure that 2018 is better than ever. Read some of the excellent testimonials below.

For more information about this programme, read below: 

Learn how to transform your lifestyle and reach your goals in no time with our brand new 12-Week Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. This exciting new product includes:

  • - An initial 60-minute consultation where your body measurements will taken through our brand new, state of the art Accuniq body analysis machine.
  • - A food diary will be given to complete for a week which will then be evaluated and adjusted by our fully qualified nutritionist.
  • - An initial fitness profile will be carried out and a gym programme will be created tailored specifically to your body goals.
  • - Nutrition pack provided including a recipe booklet with pre workout and post workout meals and snacks.
  • - My Fitness Pal “how to guide” will be provided, which will walk you through exactly how to track everything to reach your goals.
  • - Email support is always available, and it's recommended that you check-in once per week.
  • - Every 6 weeks there will be a meeting to evaluate how you are getting on. At this point, calories may be changed if required.
  • - There will be a 6-week gym programme review to track your progress.
  • - Finally, there will be an in-depth 12-week review at the end and a final Accuniq analysis to see how you have progressed.

If you require any more information or want to register your interest in this fantastic new product, email 


£80 (members)

£100 (non members)

NLL Nutrition

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Sign up today by emailing - 


4-week Nutrition Plan

When new members sign up, they will also have the option to sign up for our 4-week nutrition plan. This is a 4-week taster programme, where members can experience the benefits of the 12-week plan, before committing to the full 12-weeks.

Speak to staff at your local NL Leisure venue when joining, to choose this option.


James - "The programme has benefitted me tremendously. I have learned about the importance of good nutrition and this has really helped change my perspective on what I choose to eat. I stuck to the programme rigidly and I lost 2.5 stones over the course of the 12 weeks. Quite incredible really and this was achieved not by starving myself but by making better nutritional choices and having a tailored gym programme."

Derek - "I have lost 22kg (48 pounds) through eating healthy nutritious food whilst never being left feeling particularly hungry. My weight was becoming a concern and this helped to give me the motivation to do something about it. My blood pressure has also dropped back down into the normal range meaning I'm no longer being consider for treatment. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with their weight to join because if you take on the advice given you will see the benefit."

Liz Bowie - "I have been struggling for several years with substantial weight gain. I had some success for a 10-month period with a slimming club, but over the following year regained all the weight I had lost plus almost a stone more. However, with the 12-week programme I met my weight loss target of 2 stone! The programme has provided me with a really solid foundation so that I now feel set up for long-term further weight loss and an increasingly fitter, healthier life."

John & Rebecca Hughan - "My wife and I are both in our mid 60’s and are aware of how quickly we were slipping into inactive old age. Following Jill's advice we both lost 2-stone each. My wife's diabetes had previously damaged her liver, however, thanks to making these changes that Jill had recommended the consultant has told us her liver has now returned to normal. I've also been told that I no longer need to consider medication for Type 2 diabetes either! The only down side to the programme and training is the extra unexpected expense of having to purchase new clothes for our considerably slimmer selves. We would both recommend this programme to anyone, no matter their age, fitness levels or health issues."

Ada - "I feel that I have changed my eating habits and the results speak for themselves. I would encourage anyone to take part in the programme, it's a sustainable way of being and after 12 weeks I can honestly say it feels great! I'll keep you updated from time to time as I still have a bit to go!"

Charlie Sweeney - "I was very impressed with the outcome of the programme. From the start with Jillian's advice and guidance I lost weight steadily and over the 12 week period managed to lose 13.6 kg and reduced my waist size by 11 cm."

Annette - "As I was going on holiday I was desperate to lose weight. Having tried every diet I thought this would help. It wasn’t a diet, it was educating on the different food groups which I found very beneficial and it really made me think about what I was eating, so I started to plan my meals more. I certainly have more energy and just have a positive outlook as I’m feeling so much better within myself. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, honestly been the best thing I ever done. I just hope I can keep it up!"

Anne Sneddon -The four week nutrition plan gave me all the options of what I could eat and made me aware, that I don’t need such large portions or a lot of snacks throughout the day. I have learned what I should be eating and feel confident to be able to continue in my diet.”

Amanda Robertson -The plan has helped me lose weight and plan in advance what I am eating which has influenced how I shop for food. I now have more structure to my diet and I am definitely eating healthier."

Laura Mcguire - “I have lost 12lbs so far on the nutrition plan. I feel it has definitely worked for me.”

Lyndsay Rodger - “The nutrition plan helped me make small changes to my diet which wasn’t restrictive. It gave me plenty of variety which made it very easy to follow and was effective.”


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