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In this week’s blog post we’ll tell you about some of our favourite Cardio Classes that we run here at NL Leisure! All of the classes are different but provide great cardio based workouts.

All of the classes can be attended by people of varying ages and fitness, why not give one a try today!

Read the blog below:

Try Les Mills GRIT Cardio, as shown in the picture above.

1. Body Attack

Body Attack is a high energy fitness class that involves lots of different sporty movements. You’ll be running, jumping & lunging in this class which makes it perfect for improving your stamina. Body Attack is great for people of all levels ranging from beginners to fitness addicts!

You can try Body Attack at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Broadwood, Iain Nicolson, Ravenscraig Shotts, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, The Tryst & Wishaw.

2. Active Age Aerobics

Active Age Aerobics is the perfect class for those who over the age of 50, people who are new to exercise, or those who are recovering from injury.  Our Active Age class is great for keeping fit in a fun & sociable environment.

As well as improving your overall fitness Active Age Aerobics is also great for fat burning and increasing your strength.

You can try Active Age Aerobics at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Iain Nicolson, Shotts, Sir Matt Busby, The Tryst & Wishaw.

3. Les Mills GRIT Cardio

GRIT Cardio is a unique programme that is part of the Les Mills GRIT family! It’s a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout that improves fitness, speed and maximises the number of calories you burn!

Les Mills GRIT Cardio is a challenging class that will deliver you great results.

You can try Les Mills GRIT Cardio at: Broadwood, Iain Nicolson, Ravenscraig, The Time Capsule and The Tryst,

4. Body Combat

Combat is a martial arts inspired workout class that includes various elements such as Taekwondo, Karate, Boxing, Muay Thai & Kung-Fu (don’t worry its non-contact)! Body Combat is the perfect class for fighting your way to fitness and releasing some stress at the same time.

You can try Body Combat at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Broadwood, Ravenscraig, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, The Tryst & Wishaw,

5. Metafit

Metafit is a 30 minute workout that helps you get quick results. Metafit raises your metabolism meaning that you’ll still be burning calories even after the class has finished! As well as being a great cardio class Metafit is also high intensity and provides the ultimate work out. Metafit was created by a Royal Marine Commando and former gymnast, and you’ll be left loving the results that it can provide you.

You can try Metafit at: Airdrie, Aquatec, Iain Nicolson, Keir Hardie, Ravenscraig, Sir Matt Busby, The Time Capsule, The Tryst,

We hope you are able to enjoy one of our great cardio classes with us here at NL Leisure, to book your class, go to:

That’s all for this week’s blog! Be sure to check back next week for more exciting content.



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