Exercising in Winter


Exercising In Winter

As one popular TV programme has coined the phrase, ‘Winter is Coming’ and it’s safe to say that winter is well and truly on its way here too! Throughout the winter months, especially in the run up to Christmas sometimes we can find it difficult to keep on top of our fitness routines and start to let things slip.

This can be down to a combination of different factors - dark mornings can make it hard to get out of bed and motivate ourselves. Similarly, cold nights don’t do us any favours either unfortunately! To add to this, it’s pretty common that we tend to be busier in the run up to Christmas. Between shopping, nights out with friends and visiting family we can find ourselves short of time and often it will be our exercise routines that suffer.

That’s why we’ve put together a short blog piece to help keep you motivated in the run up to Christmas, and some tips that will help see you through.

Read the piece below:


  • It’s good for you! Exercising during the winter is not only good for the body, but is great for your general health as well. Getting into a regular routine can lead to you having more energy – making it easier to get out of bed on those dark winter mornings and helping you stay more alert throughout the day.

  • Not only can exercise lead to increased energy, but it’s also scientifically proven that it can help boost our immune systems too. This means that keeping up your exercise routine throughout winter can help reduce the chances of getting cold, coughs and flu when the weather isn’t great.

  • Find a friend! This is true all year round when it comes to exercising, but can be hugely beneficial during the winter. When you’re struggling to stay motivated, a friend can be the perfect pick me up. You don’t want to let each other down – and you’ll push each other to train harder, meaning better results!

  • Reward Yourself! It might sound like a strange piece of advice but buying yourself a new pair of trainers, or new gym clothes can be a good way to motivate yourself. You’ll want to ensure that your purchase has been worthwhile, and this will urge you to make sure that you put it to good use.

  • Keep things interesting – If you’re struggling for motivation it makes sense to change up your routines and add new elements. If you keep your programme exciting you’ll be a lot more likely to want to work out. Small changes can help make a big difference.

  • You’ll be in great shape for Christmas. Staying motivated and heading to the gym in the run up to Christmas will pay off when you’re looking great at the office party. Not only that, but you’ll also be ahead of the game come New Year!

Why not have a look at our great Les Mills blog on burning fat? You can read it here: http://bit.ly/2yluxk6

That’s all for this week’s blog! We hope this helps you to stay on track with your fitness goals this winter! Be sure to check back soon on our Social Media channels for more great content.


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