Pilates MS

A specialist health class involving all the moves from pilates adapted to suit health requirements. Get your body moving & bending whilst improving fitness levels and core stability.


Chi Ball

An invigorating and relaxing workout using an aromatherapy ball. This class includes moves from yoga, pilates and Tai Chi to create the perfect workout. You'll feel good after this.


Blending the power of speed & agility of boxing with the sculpting and flexibility of pilates. It is an all round interval workout guaranteed to whip you into shape top to bottom.

Tai Chi Course

Combining deep breathing & relaxation with slow & gentle movements. It is a great way to start boosting physical & mental well-being. This is the next level after our beginner class.

Burn and Tone

Burn and Tone is a combination of aerobic and toning exercises combined into an ever changing routine to get the whole body moving. This is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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NL Leisure is a registered Scottish charity, regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). The purpose of NL Leisure is to deliver sport, recreational, health improving and social welfare services to the community of North Lanarkshire. NL Leisure is a not for profit company (NPDO) which is limited by guarantee.

NL Leisure's vision is to provide exceptional customer service and value for money experience through the provision of a range of high quality sport, recreational and health improving activities




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