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NLL Legend - Ivor Gess


As we continue our ‘NLL Legend’ series we have a new legend to present to you! This time it is the turn of Ivor Gess who has been attending our ‘Weigh to Go’ classes at Ravenscraig Sports Facility! Ivor has now lost well over 2st - A fantastic achievement which is truly deserving of NLL Legendary status!

We recently caught up with Ivor and you can read his full bio here:


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1. How did you find out about the ‘Weigh to Go’ programme?

I found out about the ‘Weigh to Go’ programme from the promotional emails I receive as I used to be a NLL member.

After receiving the promotional material I signed up for the 15 week free introductory offer, and now I pay the weekly £2.10 fee to attend the programme – which I must say is money well spent!

2. What venue do you attend?

I attend the ‘Weigh to Go’ programme at Ravenscraig, every Monday evening at 5pm.

3. How has attending the ‘Weigh to go’ classes helped you lose weight?

The class has helped in several ways. Lisa Miller our trainer is an excellent communicator and motivator. The class is an excellent forum for cross communication between Lisa and all of the attendees. Personal battles, troughs, peaks, tips and successes are openly shared and discussed between all of us.

4. What is it like attending the class?

There is a very broad scope of age, fitness and abilities between all who attend the class. Lisa though is excellent at putting us all at ease with a very flexible yet challenging approach to the fitness class.

Personally I treat the weekly weigh in as a great focal point for my motivation. Any weight gains are not treated as negative, and instead are used to encourage us going forward. Humour is always evident in the classes making it a fun and friendly environment.

5. What were your main reasons for starting your weight loss journey?

My main reason for starting my weight loss journey was to improve my general quality of life and overall health. I want to be able to live life to the full & be able to appreciate my wife, family, and new granddaughter – hopefully now I can do this for many years to come!

6. Did you set yourself any goals before attending the classes?  How has ‘Weigh to go’ helped you achieve these?

Very generally I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness levels. I’m now achieving this week on week and ‘Weigh to Go’ has been the tool that has helped me do this.

7. Any other comments?

Once again, Lisa Miller is an excellent communicator and I must give big thanks to her.

My journey to better fitness has taken me from 15st on the 24th October to 12st 6lbs in May. It’s been an adventure and a very positive one. I believe the focus on education around food and not a specific diet that’s to be adhered to is the way forward. This course promotes that very ethos.


We hope you have been inspired by Ivor's fantastic achievements! If you're interested in attending our 'Weigh to Go' programme then visit the following page or email for more information!

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels for more great stories!



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