Age is only a number so get your trainers on and try NL Leisures over 50's walking football with all the same rules, just no running! Over 50's Walking Football has proved a great success in North Lanarkshire and is a fantastic way to keep in shape and socialise with your friends.

Broadwood Stadium Tuesday  12pm - 1pm
Ravenscraig Sports Facility  Wednesday  7pm - 8pm
Airdrie Leisure Centre Thursday  12pm -1pm
Wishaw Sports Centre* Friday  7pm - 8pm 


Sessions cost just £3 per session and Tea/Coffee is available for after the session.

For more info contact Nicky Laughlin on 01236 341968 or by email nicky.laughlin@nlleisure.com


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3 League Fixtures Per League Meeting

Join the first ever Walking Football League at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility

Cost - £2 per player

Age – 50 +

7 a-side – must bring at least 9 players

Indoor/Outdoor pitches so appropriate clothing and footwear required

Tea/Coffee provided on the day

For more information and to sign up please email football@nlleisure.com

Limited Team Spaces Available

 Walking Football League Table

League Dates and Times

  1. Wednesday 26th April 12pm – 2pm
  2. Wednesday 24th May 12pm – 2pm
  3. Wednesday 23rd August  12pm – 2pm
  4. Wednesday 20th September 12pm – 2pm
  5. Wednesday 25th October 12pm – 2pm
  6. Wednesday 22nd November 12pm -  2pm

Round 1

Game 1

Ayr United 0 v 2 Tulibody Community FC

Fife Wanderers 1 v 1 Stirling

Galafiarydean Rovers 7 v 2 Stenhousemuir

Greater Glasgow UTD 0 v 5 NL

Hearts 56 3 v 1 Hearts 98


Game 2

Tulibody Community FC 3 v 1 Hearts 98

NL 1 v 5 Hearts 56

Stenhousemuir 4 v 2 Greater Glasgow UTD

Stirling 0 v 4 Galafiarydean Rovers

Ayr 4 v 2 Fife Wanderers


Game 3

Fife Wanderers 3 v 6 Tulibody

Galafiarydean Rovers 5 v 2 Ayr

Greater Glasgow UTD 0 v 6 Stirling

Hearts 56 4 v 1 Stenhousmuir

Hearts 98 1 v 2 NL    



Round 2 - 24th May

Game 4

Tulibody Community FC v NL

Stenhousemuir v Hearts 98

Stirling v Hearts 56

Ayr United v Greater Glasgow United

Fife Wanderers v Galafairydean Rovers

Game 5

Galafairydean Rovers v Tulibody Community FC

Greater Glasgow United v Fife Wanderers

Hearts 56 v Ayr United

Hearts 98 v Stirling

NL v Stenhousemuir

Game 6

Tulibody Community FC v Stenhousemuir

Stirling v NL

Ayr United v Hearts 98

Fife Wanderers v Hearts 56

Galafairydean Rovers v Greater Glasgow United



Round 3

Game 7


Greater Glasgow United 2 v 2 Tulibody Community FC

Hearts 56 2 v 2 Galafairydean Rovers

Hearts 98 6 v 0 Fife Wanderers

NL Leisure 0 v 3 Ayr United

Stenhousemuir 0 v 1 Stirling


Game 8


Tulibody Community FC 0 v 1 Stirling

Ayr United 3 v 2 Stenhousemuir

Fife Wanderers 0 v  4 NL Leisure

Galafairydean Rovers 2 v 5 Hearts 98

Greater Glasgow United 1 v 8 Hearts 56


Game 9


Hearts 56 3 v 3 Tulibody Community FC

Hearts 98 4 v 1 Greater Glasgow United

NL Leisure 3 v 2 Galafairydean Rovers

Stenhousemuir 10 v 0 Fife Wanderers

Stirling 0 v 2 Ayr United



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