Soccer School 8-12 Years - Coaching Lessons - North Lanarkshire Leisure
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Soccer School 8 - 12 Years

Please note this video was filmed pre covid.  All rules and safety procedures are now in place. Please email if you have any questions or need any guidance.

Ages: 8 - 12 Years Old

Abilities: For all levels & abilities

Skills Gained: Children continue to develop their football skills as well as learning a more technical side of the game. They will learn more about positions and team play as well as participate in a tournament week every 5th week. This is a progression from the 5 - 7 year old Soccer School.

Programme: Each session will follow the format of;

  • Warm up - Ball Mastery
  • SAQ’s (Speed Agility and Quickness) Activities
  • Coaching Practice: Skill Development incorporating a range of footballing skills including; passing, shooting, dribbling, positioning and movement on and off the ball.
  • Game Related Practices:1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 scenarios
  • Finishing with small sided games or a 7 a-side game

What to bring: A drink (water is recommended). All classes are indoor - we recommend a t-shirt, shorts & football/training shoes 


For more information contact Sports Development on


Please Note with a large number of classes now moving to outdoors, if there is adverse weather conditions, we will do our best to relocate indoors at the venue if necessary.



5pm - 6pm

Outdoor 3g Pitch 7


Townhead Community Centre

7pm - 8pm

Outdoor 2g Pitch to the rear of the buidling

Tuesdays Broadwood 5pm - 6pm 

Outdoor 3G Pitch 4

Wednesday Ravenscraig (position specific) 6pm - 7pm 

Outdoor 3G 5 a side pitch 5

Wednesday Ravenscraig 6pm - 7pm 

Outdoor 3G 5 a side pitch 6



5pm - 6pm

Outdoor 3g Pitch 7


Airdrie Leisure Centre

9am - 10am

Outdoor 3G St Margarets Pitch 1


Birkenshaw Sports Barn

11am - 12pm Main Hall



12pm - 1pm

Outdoor 3G Pitch 4