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Becky's 7k for 700k Challenge

After seeing an article for the National Autistic Society’s 7k for 700k challenge, NL member Becky Wilcox decided to take on the gruelling challenge of swimming 7k, running 7k and cycling 7k during autism awareness week. 

Find out more about Becky’s challenge below and her heartfelt reasons for doing so.

Tell us a bit more about yourself

My name is Becky Wilcox, I am 38 years old and mum to 3 wonderful children, 10 year old twins Leonie and Mary and 7 year old Katie. Growing up I was a Bellshill shark from the age of 8 to 17 under the coaching of the well-respected Mr F. Swimming is a sport which has always been of interest to me. I am also a lover of netball and enjoy coaching one of the local primary schools.

How long have you been an NL Member?

I joined Sir Matt Busby as a member in 2018 when my youngest daughter started primary school. I was admittedly a bit lost when she went to school but decided to use the time to enjoy the activities that I love to do. I originally just started to use the pool, but I soon became interested in the classes and very quickly my weekly diary was full. I now use these classes to cross train in order to help develop my swimming and most recently running. I participate in gymfit twice a week, body pump for strength and body attack for resistance as well as hiit training. 

What challenge did you take up to raise funds for the charity?

I saw an advert on Facebook for the 7k for 700k challenge run by the National Autistic Society taking place during autism awareness week running from 30th march to 5th of April. I knew at once it was something I wanted to be involved in and I signed up immediately and decided I would do a 7k swim, 7k run and a 7k cycle to raise awareness for this amazing charity. This challenge is going to be hard, especially the swim but I am very determined. Children with autism and their families have hard days as part of their life so I am doing it for them. 

How much money have you raised so far for the charity? And what is your target?

I have so far raised £180 out of my £250 target. I am overwhelmed by the response so far and deeply humbled by everyone's support.

Why did you choose this charity?

Autism is a matter very close to my own heart as my youngest daughter Katie was diagnosed when she was 4. The National Autistic Society is trying to increase understanding and acceptance for  individuals with autism and their families. I have at times had harsh and unkind words said to me by people who have commented on Katie's behaviour and I am using this as a driving force in my challenge as I want to help others understand a bit more about autism in bid to help people be kinder to autistic children and their families. 

Everyone here at NL Leisure would like to wish Becky good luck for her challenge. 

If you would like to help Becky by making a donation, please follow the link below.

Every donation, no matter how big or small is a huge help.

Thank you.

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7k for 700k for World Autsim Awareness Week