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NLL Celebrate 30,000th Access NL Member




NLL are celebrating reaching a major milestone as they announced that their Access NL membership scheme had gained its 30,000th active member. At the end of this article there are a few simple questions based on NLL’s performance over the past 5 years which you need to answer correctly to be included in the free prize draw.


The 30,000th member was 18 year old Robyn Lister from Carrickstone in Cumbernauld who said “I like to use the fantastic modern sports facilities at Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld. I particularly enjoy the wide range of group fitness classes available and following this I love to de-stress and relax with a work out in the gym”.


The Chair of North Lanarkshire Leisure Cllr James Logue said ‘This is fantastic news, I understand that Access NL is now the most popular membership scheme of its type in Scotland and amongst the most successful in the UK. The membership allows unlimited access to swims, gyms, health suites and a range of other member benefits at 13 sports and leisure facilities throughout North Lanarkshire. We also provide a discounted concessionary access membership to ensure that the scheme is fully inclusive for those who are financially disadvantaged, such as old age pensioners, students, the unemployed, people with disabilities and those receiving a wide range of income support benefits. This ensures equality and access for all. In addition to this, the Board of Trustees at NLL have frozen the cost of the children’s membership for the past four years at £5 per month when accompanied by an adult membership to ensure that families are able to get active and stay active together”.


Blane Dodds the Chief Executive of North Lanarkshire Leisure said “I’m delighted that the Access NL membership scheme has been so popular as it is really making a major impact of improving health and wellbeing, increasing individual quality of life and collective quality of living in communities across the whole of North Lanarkshire. The membership was introduced to improve value for money and reward those who want to take part in exercise on a regular basis as it is a much more cost effective option for our customers. In addition, alongside North Lanarkshire Council and a range of other partners we have invested in improving the sports facilities, activity and events programme we provide to keep up with customer demand as the sports and fitness industry is constantly changing and evolving”.


Blane continued “Since North Lanarkshire Leisure was formed by North Lanarkshire Council as charitable sports trust on the 16th September 2006 the performance of the service has improved considerably. Sports participation has increased by 60% to 3.6m attendances and customer income has increased by 106% to £7.8m.  As an entirely not-for-profit organisation NLL in addition to substantial council investment that has resulted in new facilities such as £32m Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility and a new £9m sports centre at Broadwood Stadium in Cumbernauld, NLL invested approximately £4 million pounds in improving facilities, services, programmes and training initiatives for the benefit of North Lanarkshire residents. A recent study also found that for every £10m invested in NLL, there is a corresponding £41m return back to the local community in form of improved health and wellbeing, reduction in anti-social behaviour alongside a number of other benefits. This equates to an impressive 400% return and include core services such as our learn to swim, Access NL, GP referral and Saturday Sports Scene diversionary sports programmes. We also took over the management and operation of the Time Capsule in April last year following a £6.5m refurbishment of its water park”.


To mark this prestigious occasion as the 30,000th member, Robyn will receive a free years membership.