Tennis Coaching

Our Tennis Academy is for everyone from toddlers to adults. In partnership with Tennis Scotland and delivered by LTA qualified coaches, each session changes to allow every child to develop an understanding of the sport and build the ability to play every shot including forehand, backhand, volley and serve.

The classes run across four venues: Airdrie, Broadwood, Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility and Wishaw.


  • Tots Tennis: 3 - 5 Years
  • Mini Red Ball: 4 - 7 Years
  • Mini Orange Ball: 8 - 9 Years
  • Mini Green Ball: 9 - 10 Years
  • Yellow Ball: 11 - 16 Years
  • Additional Support Needs Class: Primary 1 - S6

Abilities: All levels and abilities

Skills Gained: Learn how to play tennis, the rules of the games as well as general skills such as technique, movement, balance, speed and co-ordination.


  • Tots Tennis: For children aged 3-5 years and introduced them to the basic skills in tennis such as balance, movement, coordination through fun tennis games and activities.  Each child will use small rackets and sponge tennis balls.
  • Mini Red Ball: It is played on small courts with short rackets and soft balls. It’s just like the real game and gives players opportunities to have long rallies and play different types of shots.
  • Mini Orange Ball: A great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Red. It is played with shorter rackets, softer balls and courts are bigger and wider than the red stage but still smaller than full-size tennis courts allowing players to develop a rounded game whilst learning a range of techniques and tactics.
  • Mini Green Ball: Mini Tennis Green is a great way for players to continue their progress from Mini Tennis Orange. It is played on a full size tennis court, with bigger rackets and balls which are a little softer than yellow balls.
  • Yellow Ball: Played on a full size tennis courts using full size tennis rackets and full compression yellow tennis balls.
  • ASN: This class is open to children who have additional support needs. Split into different age groups, the class looks to ensure that each child develops their tennis skills through fun and inclusive tennis drills and games.

What to Bring: A drink (water is recommended) as well as sports clothing: shorts, tracksuit, t-shirt, trainers. Rackets and balls are provided.

Bookings: All new and existing bookings are done by calling your preferred venue. Classes run in 8 week blocks which you can join at anytime. Classes cost £40 for the 8 weeks.


Venues and Timetables

Airdrie Sports Centre

 Sundays   Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)   9am - 10am
 Sundays  Orange Ball (8 - 9 Years)  10am - 11am
 Sundays  Green Ball (9 - 10 Years)   11am - 12pm 


 Wednesdays   Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)   4pm - 5pm
 Wednesdays  Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)  5pm - 6pm
 Wednesdays  Orange Ball (8 - 9 Years)  6pm - 7pm
 Wednesdays  Green Ball (9 - 10 Years)   7pm - 8pm 
 Wednesdays  Yellow Ball (11-16 Years)  8pm - 9pm

Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility

 Tuesdays   Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)   5pm - 6pm
 Tuesdays  Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)  6pm - 7pm
 Tuesdays  Orange Ball (8 - 9 Years)  7pm - 8pm
 Wednesdays  Green Ball (9 - 10 Years)   6pm - 7pm 
 Wednesdays  Yellow Ball (11 - 16 Years)  7pm - 8pm
 Wednesdays  Adult Class  8pm - 9pm
 Thursdays  Tots Tennis (3 - 5 Years)  12pm - 12.45pm 
 Thursdays  ASN  5pm - 6pm
 Thursdays Orange Ball (8 - 9 Years)  6pm - 7pm
 Thursdays  Green Ball (9 - 10 Years)  7pm - 8pm
 Thursdays  Adult Class  8pm - 9pm

Wishaw Sports Centre

 Tuesdays   Red Ball (4 - 7 Years)   5pm - 6pm
 Tuesdays  Orange Ball (8 - 9 Years)  6pm - 7pm
 Tuesdays  Green Ball (9 - 10 Years)  7pm - 8pm


Adult Classes

We offer lessons for adults ranging from absolute beginners to advance, for those who want to improve their game and play on a regular basis. The classes are structured in a way which enables you to improve your technique whilst still having the opportunity to play in regular matches, keep fit and have fun.

Sessions run on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8-9pm on the indoor tennis court at Ravenscraig R.S.F. and cost £40 per 8 week block but you can join at any time.

For more info on any of the above classes contact


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